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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa
~2016 dates coming soon! ~
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Experiental Group Sessions - Spa
NEW Body / Mind / Spirit
Group Experiential Sessions

Wellness Retreats 2012
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Take advantage of over 75 years of experience in holistic health and wellness to create your blueprint for vitality and transformation - come live the only
fully Cayce-based health and wellness retreat!

Come live and integrate the wisdom that real health is far more than physical well-being — as you spend a week transforming body, mind, and spirit at this all-inclusive Cayce spa experience!

Your Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat experiences will include a daily group session about the mind-body-spirit connection, as you learn practical details about one of the most important principles from Cayce's health philosophy: we create personal health and well-being with our ideals, attitudes, and emotions.

Wellnes WeekPeople whose lives embody fitness, joy, and peace consciously and continuously make choices to maintain that state. As Cayce put it, "...Mind is the Builder; the Physical is the Result." Each of us, wherever we are in our life's journey, at times feels the need for a jump-start toward the wholeness we know is accessible.

You'll enjoy signature holistic spa and clinical services that are known the world over; from these and from diverse and engaging small group work you will take home an individual plan for continued growth in health and in mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Limited to eleven people, this spa retreat will target your specific concerns and provide you with a safe, 24-hour-a-day environment to spark and supplement a total lifestyle improvement.

"Way over and beyond my expectations!"–M.B., Normal, IL

In a beautiful setting near the Atlantic Ocean, with a small group community of like-minded seekers and expert resource personnel, you will create your own prescription for vitality and transformation, with opportunities for introspection and self-analysis, in a supportive setting.

More Details and What to Expect - Download PDF

HQ90502 Beach
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Butterfy green   Six nights lodging near the A.R.E. and the Atlantic Ocean - rooms will be shared
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Butterfy green   All meals based on the Cayce diet, prepared by your in-home cook served family style in a relaxed, casual setting
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Butterfy green   Daily exercises (in the meditation garden, weather permitting or indoors), dream work and group meditations
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Butterfy green   One Cayce/Reilly® massage and one steam/fume bath, plus a voucher to use for another steam and massage or toward any other therapy in the Health Center & Spa
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Butterfy green   One colon hydrotherapy session
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Butterfy green   A sand pack - an Edgar Cayce treatment - on the Atlantic Ocean beach (weather permitting)
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Butterfy green   A Cayce/Reilly-based musculo-skeletal, nutritional and Cayce Comprehensive Symptom Inventory assessment, manual therapy treatment, and Cayce holistic individual recommendations with Peter Schoeb, DC, Cayce health practitioner and expert
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Butterfy green   The Cayce Remedies Intensive -includes hands-on experience with five of the packs frequently recommended in the Cayce readings: potato poultice for the eyes, Glyco-Thymoline pack for the sinuses, turpentine pack for the kidneys, charred oak keg for respiratory health, and the castor oil pack for liver, lymph, and colon; with spa manager and Cayce remedies expert Janice Long
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Butterfy green   Small group work with Dr. Joy Bloom, exploring the innate body wisdom you have about your own health and how to trust, interpret and apply more fully your dreams and daily life intuitions - all expressions of your body wisdom.
Butterfy green   Energy Medicine group session to empower you to engage your best balance, vitality, clarity and focus - led by Denise Furgason and Ellen Selover, both Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners and on Donna Eden's Teaching-Assistant staff
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Butterfy green   Breathwork- Conscious Breathing group session, as a means to restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Rather than advocating breath control techniques, this approach aims at rediscovering the natural flow of the breath and liberating it from the tension stress can impose.
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Butterfy green   An evening social dinner with A.R.E. President and CEO Kevin Todeschi

"For thy body is indeed the Temple of the Living God...."

Come spend this week restoring your temple!  


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