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Wellness Retreats -A.R.E. Spa
~ June- 14-20, 2014 ~
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Experiental Group Sessions - Spa
NEW Body / Mind / Spirit
Group Experiential Sessions

Wellness Retreats 2012
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SATURDAY, June 14 — Check-in for the Wellness Retreat from 1-2 pm in the Gibbons House. Program concludes Friday, June 20, at 11:30 am.

Complete Program: regular price: $2,625; A.R.E. Member price: $2,550
Includes all meals and lodging, all treatments, assessments, group sessions and remedies intensive, morning and evening programs, and social dinner. Bedrooms and bathrooms will be shared.

Please call 757-457-7202 for more information or to register. 

Group Shot Wellness Week 2012

Wellness Week“Thank you all—the benefit is lasting!”
–S.J., Rockwell, Texas 


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Butterfy green    Examine where you are in relation to the Cayce “Big 3” — diet, assimilation, and elimination.
Butterfy green    Understand the implications of the energy flow through the seven spiritual centers, or chakras, in our body; through these and the brain, we are "wired for rejuvenation" and simply need learn how to initiate these potentials within the brain and throughout the body.
Butterfy green    Transform personal challenges through the lens of specific Cayce tools for change. By deepening your understanding of a personal spiritual ideal, you will set in motion the energies of healing and integration in your life.
Butterfy green    Experience renewal through specially designed group movement, meditations, and exercises that aid you in letting go of unhealthy thought patterns and in using spirit, mind, and will as the keys to achieving abundant good health.
Butterfy green    Create your personal physical, mental, and spiritual action plan to integrate the week’s insights and changes into your daily life.
Butterfy green    Enjoy the new friendship and fellowship of an intimate group of like-minded body/mind/spirit wellness seekers.
Butterfy green    More Details and What to Expect - Download PDF 

Ways to get ready for Wellness Week 


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