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Cuba Tour


Led by John Van Auken
January 31–February 8, 2015

Legal U.S. Travel to Cuba is now an option! A People-to-People Cultural Exchange Program designed to create engaging and meaningful encounters with Cuba’s warm and vibrant people. It’s an opportunity like no other to experience the cultural richness and diversity of this beautiful island and learn about Cuba’s heritage, discover its beautiful art, and feel the vibrant energy that ripples throughout the country.

The tour will focus on:

  • Afro-Cuban religions
  • Indigenous Caribbean history
  • Freemasonry in Cuba
  • Experience lectures from renowned city historians
  • Visit various UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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South Spain-Morocco


Led by Peter Woodbury
April 11-22, 2015
Optional extension: April 22-26, 2015

Discover the magic of Spain and the mystery of Morocco on a stellar journey of two cultures that share a common history yet have their own exotic charm and character. Our tour will showcase both the contrast and the close ties between these two amazing countries.

  • Explore Seville and Granada featuring astonishing Moorish architecture and dazzling historical sites.
  • Immerse yourself fully in the Spanish culture as you enjoy some delicious taps and some wonderful flamenco.
  • Make your journey to Morocco via the Strait of Gibraltar and get ready to be amazed by its unique food, architecture, and history.
  • Explore the mystical "blue city of Chefchaouen," tour the fascinating city of Fes and experience the lively and vibrant markets in Marrakech.
  • Take our optional excursion, a four-day journey to the Sahara Desert via the Atlas Mountains and get transported to a different world.

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tours Quebec Montreal 2014


Led by Patrick and Jane Belisle
August 10- 16, 2015

Visit two of Canada’s most charming cities! Montreal has an interesting mix of history and modern appeal. The largest city in Quebec has a unique European charm and is home to legendary sites like the gorgeous Notre Dame Basilica. Quebec’s proud heritage and European flair will make you forget you are even in Canada.

  • Visit Notre Dame Basilica, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Old Montreal, the French Quarter, and take a drive to the top of Mount Royal to enjoy a panorama of the city.
  • Explore the French Canadian countryside as you travel by train to Quebec City.
  • Spend a few days discovering the hidden gems of Old Quebec City – the only walled city in North America. Admire its 17th century architecture and visit popular sites like the Latin Quarter, the Place Royale, and Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre.


tours China Tibet 2014


Led by John Van Auken
September 15- 28, 2015

This wonderful tour to the magnificent lands of China and sacred Tibet will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore both the spiritual past and contemporary culture of this region. This wonderful tour will include visits to:

  • Buddhist and Taoist temples
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Forbidden City in Beijing
  • The Terra Cota Warriors
  • Potala Palace in Tibet
  • Sera Monastery in Tibet
  • Tibet Museum
  • And so much more…


tours NewMexico - Mesa Verde 2014


Led by Don Carroll
October 24- 31, 2015

Discover the captivating Southwest and learn about the Native American cultures that thrived in this area.

  • Visit Chaco Canyon and explore the ruins of 13 major pueblos (houses) and several thousand smaller sites that exemplify the flowering of the Chaco Anasazi.
  • Take an excursion to Mesa Verde National Park with its spectacular cliff dwellings which are some of the world’s largest and best preserved.
  • Explore the picturesque city of Santa Fe and enjoy the great energy of the area.


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A.R.E. Travel Programs
215 67th Street- Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061 USA
Email: Tours@EdgarCayce.org
Call Toll Free US Only: (1-888) 273-3339
757-428-3588 Extension 7186 ~ Fax: 757-428-2515