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A.R.E. Camp Rural Retreat
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~ A.R.E. Camp ~

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2016 A.R.E. Camp  - Rural Retreat, Virginia
(All ages - All Families)

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"I would say that it (Camp) is the one place on Earth where you can truly be yourself and be loved and accepted by others. It is home for my heart." K.W. Salem, WV

Children's Camps
  • Cayce Kids (age 7-12) June 26 – July 2
  • Children's Session One (age 10 - 16)
    July 10 – July 23
  • Children's Session Two (age 10 - 16)
    July 31 – August 13
Childrens camps 2013

“Camp isn't just a part of my life, it was the start of my life. Because of it, I came out of my shell. I connected with other people, and ultimately, myself.” G.J.

Wilderness Hike
  • Blue Ridge Hike One (age 12-16)
    July 23 – July 30
  • Blue Ridge Hike (age 12 - 16)
    August 13 – August 20

“A.R.E. Camp isn't just a camp, it's a community, a family. It's my community. It's my family. And I am one of the luckiest people EVER to be able to experience it. Camp is my happy place and I have no idea where I would be without it.” – L.C.

Family Retreats    

“After camp I feel like I can go home ready to face the world with new ideas, new hope, new friends, and new resolutions that will make me and the rest of my world better.” – A.C.

Teen & Young Adult Programs    

“Put your worries, hang ups, and concerns aside, or bring them with you. IN any case, just come. A week at Camp will lighten your cares and will be a life changer. Families, individuals, seekers of all ages – come and find your inner you.” – V.D.

Retreats & Adult Get-A-Ways

“A.R.E. Camp will change you. It glows like a light inside your heart. Come to camp, see the light, let it shine in you.” – S.Y.

A.R.E. Camp Rural Retreat Virginia