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Tuition for Cayce Reilly School

2014 Tuition for Full and Part-time
programs is $11,200.

* Tuition and related educational expenses are subject to change without notice. 

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage offers several tuition payment plans:

Plan #1: Full Program Payment

- Full Program Tuition
- discount for full payment
  Total due within one week of the
start of classes

Plan #2: Full Payment Each Semester

1st Semester
Semester Tuition
  Total due within one week of the start of each semester
2nd Semester

Plan #3: Monthly Payments
Full-time students: 8 monthly payments of $1,400.00
Part-time students: 12 monthly payments of $933.33

If you have any questions, please call 757.457.7131.

Tuition Assistance

Learn about our
Financial Aid Options

There are several different payment options once the student is approved (see above).The Cayce/Reilly School is now approved to offer Federal Financial Aid to those who qualify.

Additionally, the Cayce/Reilly School has had students sponsored by a number of private and government agencies, such as:

  • The Department of Rehabilitative Services
  • The Department of the Visually Handicapped
  • Various state employment commissions
  • The Economic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance Act (EDWAA); information on this program is available by calling the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Worker Retraining, 202-219-5577 or at
  • Veterans' Assistance*

*Students who enroll and have their tuition reimbursed by Veterans' Assistance are ultimately responsible for the payment of all tuition. Students who are enrolled under VA are required to pay in one of two ways: (1) full tuition at the start of the program, or (2) half tuition at the beginning of the first semester and the remaining half at the beginning of the second semester. Inability to meet financial arrangements will result in financial probation and possible termination from the program. In the case of termination, any monies still owed to the school may be turned over to our collection agency, at which time their fee will be added to the balance due, in addition to the possibility of court costs, attorney's fees, etc., should the balance remain unpaid.

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