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Course Descriptions: Second Semester

Advanced Massage Techniques (28 hours)
This 28-hour course is comprised of seven class days of 4 hours each day. The purpose of the class is to provide instruction in advanced therapeutic modalities and techniques that will enable the student to effectively and efficiently work with clients who have specific injuries, complaints and/or tension patterns. Clinical assessment techniques and basic principles of injury situations (ex: whiplash, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, postural distortions) will be covered, emphasizing the role of therapeutic treatment protocols. The effects of pain and reduction of pain in the application of technique will be discussed. Theory and practice in myofascial release, trigger-point work, sports massage and PNF stretching will be reviewed.
Prerequisite: Cayce/Reilly Massage 

Anatomy/Physiology II - 75 hours
This course continues the study of the body systems with a detailed look at how they work together and it also examines the body systems from a bodywork perspective. The pathology, biomechanics and specific nerve functioning with respect to their role in massage is also covered. The focus is on the student acquiring a through working knowledge of the form and function of the human body.
Prerequisite: Anatomy/Physiology I  

Applied Pathology - 40 hours
This is an introduction to pathology as it might be encountered in the practice of massage therapy. Signs and symptoms, pathophysiology and indications/contraindications of many diseases will be covered. Assessment and integrative techniques will address specific muscular dysfunction. The Edgar Cayce readings, the mind/body/spirit connection and naturopathic concepts are integrated into the course material.

Asian Theory - 9 hours
This course is designed to give students a basic working knowledge of key Eastern concepts, such as the meridian system, extraordinary channels, five-phase theory, qui flow and basic terminology.
No prerequisite. 

Basic Nutrition - 15 hours
By introducing students to the basics of nutrition, they will gain awareness of the composition of common foods, with practical understanding of nutritional building blocks (water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins). Students will have the opportunity to analyze and assess their own dietary habits. The transpersonal elements of nutrition will be explored, with emphasis on what the Edgar Cayce readings say on the subject.
No prerequisite. 

Business Development and Ethics II - 12 hours
A continuation of the course offered in the first semester. Business projects are discussed, as well as other topics of the business of massage.
Prerequisite: Business Development and Ethics I 

Healer's Path - 18 hours
This course covers Cayce's concept of healing with readings., discussions, rituals and participatory experiences of being a channel for healing. The practice of prayer, mediation, cleansing, fasting and rejuvenation in our lives will be explored to deepen our personal commitment to the Path.
No prerequisite. 

Clinical Experience II - 30 hours
In the second semester, students are required to give sixteen practicums. The practicums in the second semester will give students further hands-on experience while also allowing them to begin integrating a variety of modalities that are taught in the second semester. Students are also required to give a minimum of three steams. Prerequisite or Concurrent: Cayce/Reilly Massage and Hydrotherapy Lecture/Lab. 

Hydrotherapy - Lecture: 12 hours
Lab: 18 hours
Students study and apply the various modes of hydrotherapy and other modalities, including stream/fume baths, packs, cryotherapy, heliotherapy, paraffin, hydrocollators and facials.
Prerequisite: None for the lecture. Must take lecture concurrently or prior to taking lab. 

Jin Shin Do® Body Mind Acupressure - 15 hours
An introduction to Eastern healing comparing of the Western and Eastern philosophies, the Yin and Yang theory is presented and participation in Taoist movement. This course teaches simple but effective release method for neck and shoulder tension.
No prerequisite. 

Massage Research - 12 hours
Students will receive the basics of research, with a specific emphasis on massage. They will learn the language needed to be able to understand the research reports, where to find specific research material and many other useful tools that will assist the successful massage therapist with his/her practice and clients.
No prerequisite. 

Neuromuscular Massage - 48 hours
The first thirty-five hours focuses on neuromuscular therapy. Learn in-depth techniques to release trigger points that cause pain referral problems in soft tissue. Body assessment skills will also be taught. The last fifteen hours will focus on introduction to working with the fascial system.
Prerequisite: Massage experience or Cayce/Reilly Massage. 

Reflexology I - 20 hours
Through demonstration and hands-on practice, students learn the history, purpose and application of this ancient healing art. Explanation of zone theory, foot anatomy and various palpation techniques offered.
No prerequisite.

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