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Copyright Guidelines for usage of the Edgar Cayce Readings

The Edgar Cayce readings are copyrighted by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. The first notice of copyright for the readings was in 1945, although they were not "published" at that time. A series of copyrights were registered for periodic published excerpts over the next several years. The entire readings were first registered for copyright with the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress in 1971. Material was added and previous material modified for various electronic versions of the readings (including background, reports, and indexes) several times from 1993 through today. The new or modified material in these versions have been registered. The basic copyright notice in a document quoting from the readings is:

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation

Permission to Use Quotations without Written Request: Writers and others wishing to quote from the Cayce readings in books or other published literary forms may do so without written E.C.F. permission if the total word count of all cited Cayce quotations is no more than 500 words. The quotation itself must be presented according to the following conditions:

  • The material quoted should consist mostly of Cayce's original words of the reading (as provided on one of the CD/DVD-ROMs of the readings or in the member section of the A.R.E. website).
  • If original words or phrases are removed (without significantly changing the intended meaning), the omission must be shown by an ellipsis (e.g., . . .).
  • If an original word or phrase is replaced or supplemented by another to clarify its meaning, the replacement or supplementary word or phrase must be enclosed in square brackets: [ ].
  • The reading number must be identified in its two parts: e.g., 254-5, identified as "Edgar Cayce Reading 254-5."
  • In the front pages of the book or elsewhere in the text where the reading is quoted, the following copyright notice should appear:

    Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation
    All Rights Reserved

Although not required, if the author will send a brief courtesy letter or e-mail to the Foundation with the name of the book or other published product quoting from the readings, this record will be maintained in the Foundation archives.

Permission for More Extensive Use of Quotations Through Written Request: All intended use of readings quotations that will consist of more than 500 words throughout the entire literary product must be approved in writing by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. The following conditions are required:

1,2,3,4. Conditions 1 through 4 above should be met for all quotations used.

  • A written request must be submitted to: Edgar Cayce Foundation
    Attention: Rights and Permissions
    215 67th Street
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061

    The request should include the following information:
  • Details about the anticipated final product in which the quotes will be included: Form of publication (e.g., book, article, report, greeting card, web page, etc.), title, author(s), length of the work (e.g., approximate word count), publisher or other form of distribution, planned number of copies (in first production or printing), and any other information that may assist in defining the intended use and audience.
  • A list of all Cayce reading quotations as they will be stated in the text with an approximate word count. This requirement may be effectively met by sending the Foundation a copy of all manuscript pages that include Cayce quotes, including the lead-in and follow-on text that show the context in which the quotations are presented. If this is not possible, then a list of all the quotations should be submitted in the exact form in which they will appear in the text.
  • If the total word count of Cayce quotations is anticipated to be greater than thirty per cent (30%) of the total word count of the final product, there must be more extended discussion between the author and the staff of the Foundation. Seldom is permission given for use of the readings in a product so highly dependent on Cayce quotations, other than for books or other special materials produced by A.R.E. Press. Permission may not be granted or, if it is, a fee may be required. A letter to E.C.F. explaining the extensive use will begin the dialogue and the considerations necessary before a decision can be made.
  • Initial inquiries by e-mail are recommended. Text material may be submitted as attachments to e-mail.
  • A signed letter of permission for use of the quotations will usually be sent to the author via regular mail after all conditions have been met. A copy of this letter will be retained in the E.C.F. files on permissions and rights.
  • In the front pages of a proposed book (often on the reverse of the title page), the following copyright notice should appear:

    Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation
    Used by Permission, All Rights Reserved

If for some reason, such a copyright notice is not to be included, a letter to E.C.F. should include an explanation of the exception and where the copyright information will be displayed. Failure to include such a notice may lead to withholding or withdrawal of Foundation permission.

Permission to Use Quotations in Graphic or Artistic Products, in Films and Videos, on Websites, etc: For permission to use Edgar Cayce quotations in products or forms other than print form (e.g., books and articles), write a letter to the Rights and Permissions Office of the Foundation, describing and illustrating the intended use of quotations. If possible, include a photo of an example of the proposed use or a mockup of an example. Recent requests include: excerpts on greeting cards; excerpts incorporated into an artistic product such as a painting, a photograph, or a piece of sculpture; or quotations in a documentary film.

Permission to Examine or Use Historical Photographs, Sound and Video Recordings, Other Archival Records and Materials: To arrange for permission to view, copy, or otherwise use records or materials other than the readings from the archives of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, begin the process with a letter or e-mail to the Archives Coordinator ( with as much information as possible regarding what is being sought and for what purpose. It will usually be necessary to visit the Foundation to view materials, make copies, scan photographs, etc., after a discussion of the intended use of the material. This access to resources is arranged as a highly individualized process tailored to the needs and merits of the request as well as to the availability of appropriate E.C.F. staff assistance.