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Astrological Cycles: The Timing of Your Life
October 12 - November 8, 2016
Join Raye Mathis for an online mentored course focusing on the four outer planet transits and their influences on your life.
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October 12, 2016 - November 8, 2016

An astrological horoscope is a tool for illuminating, in symbolic language, the themes and archetypal patterns in your life. These themes include the talents and skills you have to work with in this lifetime but also karmic issues and unconscious traits.

You do not have to meet all of these issues at the same time. There is a time line or timetable for meeting your karmic patterns, and you can access this timeline by studying the cycles of planets after your birth. Your birth does not stop the planets from moving, and as they cycle around the zodiac in their particular orbits, they will eventually touch and activate the various themes or karmic patterns in your horoscope. These moments are called "transits" in astrology, and it is during these moments that the timing is right for you to work on whatever particular issue is being illuminated by the transit.

“... when the cycle rolls around the influence is there.”  -- Edgar Cayce reading 452-6

This Cayce reading indicates that the astrological influences will occur, but it is up to you to use your free will in choosing how to best use the influences.

Every planet in our solar system can be examined from a transit perspective. For the purposes of this course, you will be working with the four outer planet transits: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These planets move more slowly, giving longer periods of time when the intensity of the influences can build. This makes it more likely you will meet transformative situations.

Course Tuition: $119.00 NOW $99.00
Member Tuition: $79.20

This is a beginner course in regard to transits and cycles, but it is not a basic beginner course for astrology. It would help to have some knowledge about the structure of your birth chart. If you have participated in a previous astrology course with us, then you should have a good background upon which to study transits

At the beginning of each week, you will have the opportunity to view a short PowerPoint presentation introducing the topics to be covered that week.

Week One: Saturn
You will be introduced to the topic of cycles in astrology after which you will study Saturn in your horoscope.

Week Two: Uranus
You will first learn how to read an ephemeris in order to find the placements of the transiting planets for any given time period. You will then explore Uranus in the same way as you did for Saturn.

Week Three: Neptune
This week you will be introduced to the five major aspects: conjunction, sextile, trine, square, and opposition. You will practice using your natal Neptune to see what planets aspect Neptune in your birth chart. You will also explore Neptune in the same manner you explored Saturn and Uranus in previous weeks.

Week Four: Pluto
You will explore Pluto, finding all the applicable aspects being made by transiting Pluto at the present time. If Pluto is making no aspects, you will choose a past transformational time in your life and explore transiting Pluto at that time period.

Also Included in this Course
•    A copy of your own birth chart.
•    All the information you will need (i.e., written materials, audio, and video)
•    Questionnaires and inventories to complete, along with some experiential exercises to enable you to understand your unique astrological symbols.
•    The opportunity to post comments, respond to other posts, and receive feedback from your mentored—all within the online classroom.

Event Details
October 12 - November 8, 2016
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Raye Mathis

Raye Mathis is a member of the faculty at Atlantic University where, among the courses she mentors, are her Spiritual Crisis and Symbols and Mythology courses. Her column, The Astrologer's Corner, appears in the A.R.E.'s Venture Inward magazine. Raye is an experienced teacher, workshop presenter and has over 35 years as a conference speaker. She is a former member of the A.R.E. and the AU Boards of Trustees. She has maintained an on-going astrological counseling practice for almost 40 years.