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Bring Meaning to Your Life for the Rest of Your Life

Life Members are the backbone of our work. Now is the best time to increase your support of this work and enjoy a lifetime of benefits.

What if you could ensure delivery of our unique and spirit-filled magazine, Venture Inward, right to your doorstep, for the rest of your life? You would never have to worry about a lapse in issues, or getting your renewal in on time. The benefits to you are many, and the benefits to the organization you love to support, are even greater.

We all want our lives to be meaningful. We want to fulfill our life’s purpose and help others. These are major reasons why so many choose to be a part of the work of Edgar Cayce, and A.R.E. Membership is the best way for you to stay in touch with the life-changing material in the Cayce readings—plus, it’s the most significant way you can help this organization contribute to the world by supporting our mission to help people improve their lives through the ideas and information found in the Edgar Cayce materials.

Two Free Gifts When You Join for Life

Edgar Cayce Readings DVD-Rom   Signed There Is a River
The entire searchable database of Edgar Cayce's 14,306 readings, that's 24 million words, plus bonus video and audio materials.

Valued at $119.00
The 75th anniversary leather-bound edition of There Is a River, signed by the late Edgar Evans Cayce and the late Charles Thomas Cayce.

Unsigned copies are Valued at $79.95
A.R.E. Life Members Receive:
  • Life Member benefits include traditional (mail) membership with online access to the exclusive Member-only section with access to the Edgar Cayce readings database and exclusive audio and video.
  • Once you join for Life, you'll be given the opportunity to attend one specially selected conference each year, and bring your spouse or a guest for free as well!
  • Your Life Membership will remain in effect for your lifetime and the lifetime of your spouse or partner.
  • Remaining Conferences for 2016 include Soul Lessons, Soul Patterns (Oct 15) featuring Peter Woodbury, and our Annual New Year’s Conference—The Law of Attraction (Dec 29-31) featuring Lynn Sparrow Christy and Ruth Littlejohn.
  • Our 2017 Conference selections will be announced soon! The schedule is published in Venture Inward as well.
  • You’ll receive special discounts on books, conferences, camps, and other activities. 

Life Membership Payment Options

Pay in Full and Earn Two Free Gifts

In honor of A.R.E.'s 85th Anniversary, in 2016 we are offering Life Membership for $2,085. That's a savings of $315, off the regular price of $2,400! In addition to savings, you'll also receive the two free gifts mentioned above.

Partial-Payment Program

We also offer a partial payment program that allows you to pay the full membership of $2,400 over 24 months and receive the benefits and free gifts with your final payment. You can start with $100 down and schedule automatic payments of $100 per month on your credit card. We process payments at the end of each month.

Note: Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of Life Membership dues in the United States based on your unique situation.

Would you like to discuss Life Membership before joining? Please call us at 800-333-4499 (toll-free from U.S. and Canada) or 757-428-3588, ext. 0, any weekday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time). 

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