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A.R.E. Life Member Benefits

Life-Member-BenefitsLife Members are the backbone of our work. Now is the best time to increase your support of this work and enjoy a lifetime of benefits!

In honor of A.R.E.’s 85th Anniversary, Life Membership is discounted from $2,400 to $2,085 (when paid in full)

Plus you’ll enjoy two free gifts!

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We all want our lives to be meaningful. We want to fulfill our life’s purpose and help others. These are major reasons why so many choose to be a part of the work of Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. Membership is the best way for you to stay in touch with the life-changing material in the Cayce readings—and it’s the most significant way you can help this organization contribute to the world by supporting our mission to help people improve their lives through the ideas and information found in the Edgar Cayce materials.

Your Life Membership will remain in effect for your lifetime and the lifetime of your spouse or partner, should you choose to include one. Life Member benefits include traditional (mail) membership with online access to the exclusive member only section with the Readings database and hours of audio and video. Your quarterly magazine and newsletter will arrive by mail anywhere in the world. You’ll receive special discounts on books, conferences, camps, and other activities. Plus, free tuition for you and your spouse or a guest to attend one of our specially selected A.R.E. conferences in Virginia Beach each year to share your experience with newer members.

2016 Life Member Benefit Conferences**

The 2016 Life Member Benefit Conferences are listed below. The schedule is published in the events calendar of Venture Inward magazine. To register, call our toll free number, 800-333-4499, and let the registrar know that you will be using your Life Member Conference Tuition pass:

Mar 4-6, 2016: Inner Life Retreat: Experiencing Your Sacred Self featuring John Van Auken and Robin Wimbiscus
Jun 19-24, 2016: 85th Annual A.R.E. Congress: The Living Legacy of Edgar Cayce
Oct 15, 2016: NEW! Soul Lessons, Soul Patterns: Awakening to Past Lives, to Future Lives and Life Between Lives—Soul Growth Saturday! featuring Peter Woodbury, MSW
Dec 29-31, 2016: Annual New Year’s Conference: —The Law of Attraction: The Secret to Manifesting More Opportunity, Inspiration, Prosperity, and Positive Energy into Your Life! featuring Lynn Sparrow Christy and Ruth Littlejohn
**Choose one of the specially selected Life Member Benefits Conferences

Partial Payment Option

We also offer a partial payment program that allows you to pay the full membership of $2,400 over 24 months and receive the benefits and free gifts with your final payment. You can start with $100 down and schedule automatic payments of $100 per month on your credit card. We process payments at the end of each month.

While becoming a Life Member, your Member number will not change. We will send a statement several times per year so that you can keep track of your balance. We ask that you pay the full $2,400 within 24 months. Once your account is paid in full, you can begin to enjoy a lifetime of membership benefits.

Note: Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of Life Membership dues in the United States based on your unique situation.