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Library Current Projects


Photo Preservation

The Edgar Cayce Foundation is currently working to preserve over 5,000 photographs, digital and hard copies. However, with time and age, the photo database is slowly deteriorating and the photos are fading. We met with a local restoration photographers, who helped us outline details and suggested materials to preserve the existing photograph collection for the future. We are in the process of cleaning the photographs and storing them in acid-free sleeves for protection. Our goal is to categorize and digitize all of the existing photographs into a searchable database for archival research and easy accessibility. We have some distance to go. In the future, once this project is completed, we hope to restore some of the already aged photographs. Below is a sample of what photograph restoration can accomplish.


Retouched Photos
Before   After


Circulating Files

In June of 2007, we first shared with you the details of this long term project. Project leader, Linda Caputi, and a team of volunteers have been working non-stop over the past three years updating existing circulating files by compiling the extracts from the readings and inserting corresponding articles. Previously only hard copies of these files existed and now we have over 300 digital copies. Linda has also created many new files of certain topics. These gems of the readings are thoughtfully put together resources which save time and effort of long term research. You may view a sample of these in the member section of the website.

Historical Publications

A.R.E. has vintage publications dating back to the 1930’s. Over the past year, we have been collecting and organizing loose copies of any and all publications throughout the organization’s history. These publications are being outsourced for digitization and indexing. Our goal is to have a digital search capability for simple research. Once completed, we visualize a researchable database full of easily accessible archives. We are continuing to accept donations of A.R.E. newsletters or periodicals for this project.