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Astrological Forcast

Astrological Forecast

It helps to know what is happening in the cosmos relevant to you. Edgar Cayce actually warned people of upcoming astrological influences in their lives. Our ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST gives you this insight, plus a clear listing and interpretation of some of the cosmic forces influencing your immediate future. Your birth data are correlated with what is happening in the heavens over the next year. The influences are then analyzed, interpreted, and printed in a comprehensive report with a "map of the heavens" over the next year, in two 6-month graphs. All significant influences are dated, along with the duration of that influence, and explained in the report. Nothing is more powerful than your free will, but knowing the cosmic influences helps you coordinate with the will of the universe. Includes a helpful booklet. Two 6-Month Maps of the Heavens and a Comprehensive Report.

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