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Career and Vocation Profile

Career Vocation Profile ImageThe Career and Vocation Profile

Have you ever wanted an astrology chart that would really zero in on your talents and abilities? We have just introduced such a chart! Itís called the Career and Vocation Profile, and most of us here at the A.R.E. think itís terrific! (Itís the very same report the A.R.E. regions have been using and that they like so well.) Sarah, for example, was astonished that every single one of the seven suggested careers were ones she had already done at one time or another! Other staff members found the report equally accurate and helpful. This chart interpretation is precise, clear, and may suggest possibilities you havenít thought of. Try it and see! The profile runs about ten pages and also comes with the colorful birth wheel. Ask for the Career and Vocation Profile. Weíll need your birth time, date, and place of birth. The introductory price is just $14.95.

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