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Could there be a more challenging (or rewarding) job than raising children? Most of us who’ve been through it wish we had had a little more help, and most of us had to learn the hard way. Now there is some real help, in the form of an astrological Child Guidance Profile. Staff members at the A.R.E felt this profile accurately described their children or grandchildren, and gave good advice for responding to the child in a way that the child would understand easily. This includes how much discipline a particular child may need and the tendencies to ailments and upsets that may be associated with the child’s aspects. The positive potentials for the child, which parents can help nurture, are also included. You might even be interested in reading a profile of the child you used to be, offering a neat way to get back in touch with that part of yourself! The report runs ten to twelve pages and comes with a beautiful, colored birth wheel. Ask for the Child Guidance Report. We’ll need the child’s birth date, birth time, and place of birth.

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