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Haven’t we all daydreamed about moving to a different place, feeling we might be more at home there? Or perhaps we have a looming job change and want to know how well we will “fit” with the new city or town. Did you know that places have their own astrology, just like people? In response to many member requests, we have found an excellent "new locations" astrology program. It compares your birth chart with the charts of three or four cities or towns you might be thinking about. The A.R.E. staff tested many programs like this before we settled on one, and this is a program we really like. Rebecca, for example, was pleased that the program agreed that she would do extremely well either in Las Vegas or in Virginia Beach, the two places she’s been the happiest. This report will suggest opportunities (or challenges) in several different life areas (business, personal, creative, etc.), so you can make better decisions about where to live or even spend your vacation! Ask for the New Locations Report and give the names of three or four places you’ve been thinking about. We’ll need your birth time, date, and place. The introductory price is $9.95.

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