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We had been looking for a good numerology program to replace the one we used to offer, and we are delighted to find Ruth Drayer’s new program, based on her book, Numerology: The Power in Numbers, A Right and Left Brain Approach. Most everyone on our staff who tried it was impressed with its insight and accuracy, and one staffer is even circulating copies of her printout so that "people will finally know who I am!" We also love how it gives newer and more spiritual meanings for numbers and how it correlates the numbers (in color) with flowers, gems, musical tones, and special words. This is a report we are proud to offer to our members and friends! For this report we will need your name as it appears on your birth certificate, the name you use now, and your date of birth. The Numerology Profile runs close to thirty pages, and we are introducing it at a very special price of $19.95.

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