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  Giving of Ourselves

  by John Van Auken

“For the sun of light may shine in the hearts of many by the turn of the hand of the entity in giving to others the power, the ability to give of themselves. For only that you give may you take with you into eternity.” 1438-1

“Through the giving, through the action, there comes the knowledge of the power being manifest, and those great truths resound, redound, through the life, through the whole being of the entity, see? Beautiful!” 900-151

“In the giving you possess the power, the strength, the healing.” 2164-1

Of the many spiritual activities that we may do to enhance our nearness to God, giving is one of the most powerful. In fact, according to Edgar Cayce’s reading of the Universal Wisdom, real power only comes through giving.

The laws of the universe are simply arranged this way by an all-wise, loving Creator. In a rather involved reading, Cayce explains the dynamics of this arrangement:

“The power comes in giving the expression of the inner self, letting the soul manifest while letting the personality of self become less and less in its desires, letting His desire be the ruling force. As He gave out, so was the power, the ability, the experience His that He is, was, and ever will be the concrete expression of love in the minds, the hearts, the souls of men. Then, broaden your field of activity. For the more and more that you have many [people] giving praises and thanks for the hope that you create in their minds and their hearts, greater is the experience and the ability of expression. For the law, the love holds as He gave; one may cry aloud and long for self and yet never be heard, but where two or three are gathered in His name there is He in the midst of them. So, as you give out, the power is received.

“You may enter into your own closet and there meet your Savior within, but - as given - when you cry for self, and self alone, you close the door, you stand as a shadow before the altar of your god within yourself. Give, then, in broader fields of activity, in every channel where those that are seeking may find; that are wandering, that are lame in body, lame in mind, halt in their manner of expression, that are blind to the beauties in their own household, their own hearts, their own minds. These you may awaken in all your fields. And as you do, greater is your vision -- and He will guide you, for He has given His angels charge concerning those that seek to be a channel of blessing to their fellow man; that purge their hearts, their bodies, of every selfish motive and give the Christ -- crucified, glorified -- a place in their stead.” 696-3.

In this reading, Cayce is calling us to broaden our activities of service. He is calling us to give of ourselves, our inner selves, and more power will flow to us as we give to others. He explains that even the Master grew in power as He gave out to others. In reading 3657-1 Cayce guides us with a little prayer that he says Jesus used during His incarnation, “It is others you must think of, as should every soul: ‘Others, Lord, others -- that I may know You the better.’” In 2310-2 he explains: “This is a part of the service of each soul in its sojourn through material forces: to think of ‘Others, Lord,’ rather than self. For as individuals do forget themselves and are willing to pour out their virtues for the benefit of others, great may be the reward. For as you do it unto the least of your fellow man you do it unto your Maker, your God.”

Getting beyond self’s interests and concerns by giving love, understanding, and aid to others in their struggles day by day, even taking upon ourselves some of their burden, we get beyond our weaknesses and bring great contentment and peace. In this is knowledge, according to Cayce’s reading of the situation:

“This is Knowledge: that you show yourself approved unto that which is set in Him that has shown you the pattern, that has made the way straight; that those who seek Him may not be confused, that they who love His coming will act as those that are in close communion with Him from day to day. This is Knowledge, that you love one another, that you show forth in your dealings with your fellow man day by day that you care, you understand, you are willing to take a portion of the burden of those that are so heavily burdened with the cares of life, the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches; that you are willing to aid those in distress, you are willing to feed those that are hungry -- not just materially. For the world is crying for that Knowledge. It is opened to you that have made the choice that you will empty yourselves of those little differences that breed hate, contempt; and those things that hurt and hurt in your dealings with your fellow man. Forgive, if you would be forgiven. That is Knowledge. Be friendly, if you would have friends. That is Knowledge. Be lovely, if you would have the love even of your Father; for He is love. This indeed is Knowledge,” 262-97.

Lovingly giving to those we meet, without thought of reward or glory, opens us to more inflow of love from God. “In the heart love finds its way. Love is conceived as of God, as all pleasant, as all giving; given in that great expression: ‘God so loved the world as to give His only begotten son; that through Him we might have eternal life.’ Yet the other side, or the reverse of love, is suffering, hate, malice, injustice,” 281-51. We must let go of these negative influences and focus on the positive ones. Giving is among the positive.

Sometimes, however, we all feel out of sorts, even with these good ways. Cayce explains: “There needs to be a better coordination between the physical, mental and spiritual being ... in the giving you possess the power, the strength, the healing, the ministration, the giving of all those forces and influences that are of a creative nature.”

Few activities make humans as happy as giving, for few activities are as expressive of God and God’s way.

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