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Advice on Life Issues from the Cayce Readings

Advice on Life Issues

Over the years people have turned to the wisdom of Edgar Cayce's readings to help them gain a deeper understanding and to help find solutions for their life issues. The readings teach us that we can use these challenges as opportunities to grow and become more balanced individuals.

Coping With the Loss of a Loved One
One of the most comforting promises is that life is continuous.
Dealing With a Difficult Relationship
Difficult relationships are opportunities for growth on a soul level.  
Discovering My Soul's Purpose
Each person living in the earth is here for a specific soul purpose. Discover yours.
Overcoming the Economic Crisis
New spiritual tools for overcoming personal financial challenges.
Treating My Depression
Cayce viewed depression as a literal "depressing" or inhibition of nerve impulse.
Understanding My Intense Dreams
Dreams can be a recapping and assessment of the previous day's events.
Reestablishing Balance in My Body
Balance in the physical body to helps facilitate healing from within.