Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
PENNSYLVANIA - East Coast District

Philadelphia Area

Nov 14-16 – Spiritual Healing Sessions Malcolm Smith
Contact: Phyllis Vorhauer Telephone: 484-494-6087

Mar 14, 2015 – A.R.E. Headquarters Conference Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You: How to Rejuvenate & Illuminate Your Body, Mind, & Spirit
John Van Auken
Call A.R.E. Conferences Registrar: 800-333-4499

Greater Pittsburgh Area Team:United4Healing.com/edgarcayce

A.R.E. Conference Near You 2013Nov 1 – A.R.E. Headquarters Conference Reincarnation Unnecessary? Are You Ready to Finish Life on this Earth? - Charles Thomas Cayce PhD
Call A.R.E. Conferences Registrar: 800-333-4499 or register online.

A Search for God Group Logo PENNSYLVANIA
Contact: Maura
Telephone: 610-565-3246  e-mail address: mauradrcurran@yahoo.com
Current Study: A Search for God Book II
New Hope
Contact: Elsa
Telephone: 215-794-0728  e-mail address: egallagher2@gmail.com
Current Study: A Search For God
Note: Located in Central Bucks County, Doylestown/New Hope area.
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