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The A.R.E. Catalog Annual Fall Astrology Chart Sale is Here!

Regular Retail Price: $19.95-24.95 each
Sale Price: $14.00 each
Member Price: $11.20 each

As always, members save an additional 20%
Astrological Forecast   ☆   Past-Life Profile   ☆   Birth Profile   ☆   Relationship Charts   ☆   Birthday "Solar Return" Chart
Numerology Forecast   ☆   Chakra Healing Report   ☆   and more!


Unlock Access to A.R.E. Member Benefits. Plus, Receive a FREE Forecast!

Find Your Soul’s Purpose and Bring Meaning to Your Life With A.R.E. Membership

Save 25%, receive a free astrological forecast and unlock access to over 14,000 Cayce Reading when you become a traditional member today. Unlock access to all of the A.R.E. membership benefits. Your traditional membership comes with our quarterly magazine, Venture Inward, and the Cayce Quarterly newsletter, access to the member-only website, access to the entire Edgar Cayce Readings database and more!

Plus, we will send you an astrological forecast as a welcome gift! Your free forecast will provide you with insights to upcoming astrological influences and interpretations of some of the cosmic forces influencing your immediate future.


Research a Topic

The Edgar Cayce readings discussed an astonishing 10,000 different topics! This vast array of subject matter can be narrowed down into these major headings. We hope you enjoy exploring these topics.

About Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been called the "sleeping prophet," the "father of holistic medicine," and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Cayce was born on a farm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877, and his psychic abilities began to appear as early as his childhood. As an adult, Cayce would put himself into a state of meditation, connecting with the universal consciousness and from this state, came his "readings". From holistic health and the treatment of illness to dream interpretation and reincarnation, Cayce's readings and insights offer practical help and advice to individuals from all walks of life, even today.


A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce have been the single greatest influence in my spiritual journey. It started 45 years ago when as a teen I found There Is a River on my father’s bookshelf.....I have never left it and it has never left me and has led to a life that is fuller in things of the spirit and a truer understanding of what God is. I will be forever grateful.

-Kathleen Pearson

The Benefits of Membership

Edgar Cayce founded A.R.E. in 1931, for the purpose of helping people to transform their lives for the better—body, mind, and spirit. You can find special meaning in your life through the resources provided to you as an A.R.E. member, including:

  • The Cayce Readings in an online searchable database accessible exclusively to A.R.E. Members! Search more than 14,000 readings and 24 million words!
  • Quarterly Venture Inward magazine explores issues of body-mind-and spirit (download a sample PDF).
  • Cayce Quarterly newsletter provides supplemental materials and a chance for members to test concepts with our “A.R.E. Member Experiments”—then report the results!
  • Enlightenment Series: Members receive video and downloadable lessons each month in the member-only section!
  • Special pricing, discounts on products, services, and events; and a unique gift for joining!

Support Our Work

“Edgar Cayce's guidance has literally saved my life; and it has guided me through some of life's difficult moments. How could I not want to share this wisdom with others?  That is why I feel it is a privilege to contribute what I can.” – A.R.E. Donor