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Spiritual Growth
August 09, 2019

I vote for being a little of both! There is this mistaken idea in the spiritual community that we always need to be happy, never have a negative thought or Gosh Forbid…. get grumpy! I believe this fal…

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Enlightenment Series
August 02, 2019


For the month of August, our Enlightenment Series focuses on Communing with Nature with the overarching theme of how this contributes to our body, mind, and soul. That might seem like a lot to ask,…

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Monthly Update
July 31, 2019

This is the monthly update about activities and happenings at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage, Atlantic University, and the Edgar Cayce Foundation.  

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Spiritual Growth
July 26, 2019

Whenever I wonder how I am doing on my spiritual path, I need only hop in my car and drive around to find out. How’s my road rage? Do I feel frustrated by those around me (I’m playing by the rules but…

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Holistic Health
July 19, 2019

One of the main physiological concepts of the Edgar Cayce readings was the necessity for “elimination” in keeping the body healthy.

When raw materials are assimilated and used by the body's organs, …

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Ancient Mysteries
July 12, 2019

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think,” was the philosophical statement of Socrates. In many ways, the thoughts of Socrates parallel mystery school teachings including his most …

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July 05, 2019

I have always believed our souls come back into worldly existence with inklings of who we were before, yet when we incarnate, we agree to dip into what the ancient Greeks called Lethe, the river of fo…

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Enlightenment Series
June 28, 2019

Who doesn't have a favorite song or an uplifting album that can instantly change your mood? Music is the universal language of the soul, as Edgar Cayce said, “Music is that which spans the distance be…

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Universal Laws
June 21, 2019

Each soul individually, and all of us collectively, are somewhere along a story of estrangement from and return to this creative, birthing force that has brought us all into being. Furthermore, each o…

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