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Monthly Update
October 15, 2018

The number of enrollments at Atlantic University has increased by almost 70% over 2017! From January through September of 2018, the devoted volunteers in our Prison Program sent out a record 14,000 bo…

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Psychic Phenomena (Psi)
October 12, 2018

If you are like me, you might have been born with the gift of communicating with people in the spirit realm. Throughout my childhood and for most of my adult life, I did not see this as a “gift” but a…

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Wellness Wednesday
October 10, 2018

For decades, we were taught that eating fats made you fat. Most of us know that fat contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein, but fat’s calorie density does not make fats the sole…

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Ghosts and the Afterlife
October 05, 2018

I have been a professional psychic for almost 30 years. One of the questions that I’m asked most often is, “How did you become a psychic? You seem so normal!” I wish I could tell you that I have alway…

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Enlightenment Series
September 28, 2018

Grace is the condition of having a positive attitude toward life and relationships, even in the midst of life’s frequently difficult conditions. Grace comes when we subdue negative thoughts, feelings,…

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Spiritual Growth
September 21, 2018

In my spiritual journey, I’ve come to realize: The more you forgive, the happier you will be. Having seen forgiveness stop the flow of destructive, negative energy and transform it into love many time…

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Meditation / Prayer
September 14, 2018


I first came upon the 40-Day Forgiveness Prayer by J. Everett Irion in the A.R.E.’s Prayer Circulating File while researching prayer for a lecture that I was giving. Prayer has always been my medita…

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Monthly Update
September 12, 2018

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage application deadline for new students to the 700-hour massage therapy program this fall is October 5! Join renowned explorers and researchers John Van Auken, Freddy …

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Energy Work
September 07, 2018

Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, is an ancient Chinese teaching, both art and science, regarding the energies of space and land, that has evolved throughout centuries. Indigenous peoples have their …

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