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Dr. Bruce Baar, MS, ND

Dr. Bruce Baar is founder and CEO of Baar Products, Inc. He has a Doctorate in Naturopathy, a Masters in Health, and worked for 18 years in the medical diagnostic industry. He started Baar Products as a health care and personal care company and Nature’s Blessing™ as a high-quality supplement line. The new facility in Pennsylvania is run on solar power—clean, sustainable energy, and environmentally friendly Solar Crafted™. Dr. Baar has lectured around the world on a variety of health topics that inform, encourage, and empower us to take charge of our health choices and decisions. Merging his knowledge of traditional health care with alternative therapies, Dr. Baar has developed an enterprise team that serves those seeking to impact their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Baar Products is the Official Worldwide Supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care items. Visit for more information.

Posts by Dr. Bruce Baar, MS, ND :

Holistic Health
July 19, 2019

One of the main physiological concepts of the Edgar Cayce readings was the necessity for “elimination” in keeping the body healthy.

When raw materials are assimilated and used by the body's organs, …

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