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Gorgiana Mari Alonzo, M.A.,

Gorgiana Mari Alonzo, M.A., is currently serving on the Board of Trustees. As a child, she discovered Cayce through There Is A River. As a college student at the University of California, Davis, she joined the A.R.E. and then became a Life Member in 1989. She was a member of the Northern California/Northern Nevada Region when the region was founded in 1987. She took early retirement in 2007, after 27 years as a science specialist in communication products; later, she became a technical editor for the World Energy Council and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an intergovernmental body of the United Nations dedicated to providing the world with objective, scientific information relevant to understanding of climate change. She teaches computer basics for a local Apple Users Group. And, she’s been a yoga teacher since 1995 and teaches senior yogis in her community.

Posts by Gorgiana Mari Alonzo, M.A., :

Spiritual Growth
September 11, 2020

Because we are ultimately spiritual beings, we are also bound by another law: the law of love. It’s our nature to grow, learn, adapt, and become co-creators with God. 


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Spiritual Growth
March 30, 2020

Keep calm through meditation and prayer. Wash your hands (practical action for yourself and others). Be calm for yourself and your loved ones and total strangers. And look for hints from the Creative …

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