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John Z. Amoroso, PhD

John Z. Amoroso, PhD, has practiced clinical psychology for more than 20 years and works with clients using a positive psychological approach focused on purposeful living and creativity. His interest in transpersonal psychology began with his study of the Edgar Cayce readings more than 25 years ago. He successfully incorporates past life regression therapy in conjunction with more conventional techniques to help his clients deal with psycho-emotional issues and physical disorders. Amoroso also conducts study groups and workshops and is a faculty member of Atlantic University. He is the author of Awakening Past Lives: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Exploration available at

Posts by John Z. Amoroso, PhD:

Book Reviews
January 20, 2017
As Dr. John Amoroso explains it, we come into our lives with a specific soul purpose or life mission. Based on our personal karmic or past-life history, this can involve a vocation or avocation, an in…
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