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Karen Duce-Kinziger

Karen Duce-Kinziger was introduced to the Edgar Cayce readings during a very trying period of her life, the dissolution of a long-term marriage. She credits the inspirational material of the readings with helping her through this difficult time. She is now a married mother of two grown sons and two young grandchildren, she lives in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

Posts by Karen Duce-Kinziger :

Spiritual Growth
April 20, 2018

the present I give you

is a gift we’ll call day

you may use as you wish

or just throw it away

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poem-to-god.jpg (1)
Spiritual Growth
March 01, 2017

The Cayce readings introduced me to a part of spirituality I didn’t know existed. The readings explained levels of healing and the afterlife that I never before could have imagined, at just the right …

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