This Coming December 2020

This Winter Solstice, December 20-21-22, the closest conjunction will occur between the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn. Such a close conjunction has not happened since 1623 and will not occur again until the Spring Solstice in 2080! This rare event is visible to your eyes in the night sky because Jupiter is brighter than any star and Saturn will be near Jupiter with its distinctly golden color. Unlike twinkling stars, Jupiter and Saturn shine their light steadily.

What does this “Great Conjunction” mean for us and our world? Here’s how Edgar Cayce described these two giant planets astrologically and the influence:


Cayce’s readings taught that Jupiter gives one a great expansion of vision and an ability to view situations from all sides. Jupiter imbues us with an adaptability to comprehend a large scope or vision of things, peoples, and conditions; hence we find the ability to retain in the mind much that slips pass the observation of others. Also, from Jupiter come the abilities to be a pleasing personality, as in relationships to groups, individuals, or in associations with large groups of people. In this same manner may be seen the abilities for varied connections socially, politically, and in the commercial way. Higher mindedness and expansive relationships make for the ideal Jupiter life.


Cayce’s readings taught that from Saturn comes the tendency for starting new projects often, new lines of thought, new associations, and new experiences, strongly desiring to change. Saturn inclines us to say, "Today I would like to do this," and tomorrow, "Well, I would like something else." These are inclinations. Hence, they must be met in the mental and the spiritual forces of oneself. And though Saturn brings the beauty found in a fresh start, in another opportunity to try anew, one must also develop consistency and follow-through for the better soul development to be realized.


Cayce explained that the conjunction of planetary influences adds intensity to the impelling [Cayce’s term] influences in an entity’s experience. This conjunction influences the whole of humanity. By “impelling” he meant the motivating influences. Since we are dealing with a great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, impelling forces desire new opportunities to expand humanity’s vision and adaptability to change and opportunity. Under the influence of Jupiter humanity will seek to become more pleasing in its associations with one another, according to Cayce.


Since the conjunction is occurring in the constellation of Aquarius, Cayce taught that there will be those abilities to analyze any undertaking. However, he did warn to be caution with this and temper the Aquarius tendencies to do so without considering others. Such will bring experiences for the lack of cooperation with those with whom we become affiliated. Soul groups and subgroups tend to think of themselves with a lack of cooperation with others, especially with groups who have differing views. Cooperation was Cayce’s number one lesson for humanity, as individuals and as a collective family.

Surprisingly, Cayce equated this constellation with Jesus’ mother, Mary! “Remember thou art in the same signs, omens, as the mother of Him; that gave to the earth the physical man, Jesus—Aquarius in its perception, perfection.” (1222-1) Interestingly, he also confirmed that we are entering the age that Mother Mary has been announcing in her apparitions, called the “Age of the Lily.” This age has a special intention and influence that Cayce detailed: “The purity. Only the purity as it [the lily] represents will be able to comprehend or understand that awareness that is before those who seek the way.” (1602-3)

A.R.E. and its worldwide family came together for a day of prayer and meditation during the Edgar's Cayce Global Prayer and Meditation Day to commemorate this astrological phenomenon and to add our energies to the celestial energies to uplift the vibration of our world. If you missed this event, the video stream is now available on-demand to view at your pleasure.