Do you find that it is hard to think clearly if someone is standing too close to you? Have you had your space invaded and felt uncomfortable afterward? Do pushy people push your buttons?

I am sure many of you have answered YES to at least one of those questions. Here are three simple yet effective tips for creating healthy energetic boundaries.

1. Be aware of your energy field: Energy flows where attention goes and if you are focused on a person, your energy is right there with them. This is true even when talking to someone over the phone or just thinking of them. When you realize your energy is entwined with a person whose energy isn’t a good match, you can mindfully call your energy back with this exercise.

  • Take a moment and visualize your energy coming back into your energy field.
  • If you can’t get away from the person to do this, try it when the other person it talking.
  • Imagine an egg surrounds you and see all your energy coming back inside your shell.
  • Be sure energy can flow in and out of your “egg.” You don’t want solid, reflective walls or you will get very tired as the energy you need can’t get in.

2. See the person as an actor in a play: As you see the person talking or in your mind’s eye, see them as a soul playing the role they agreed to in this lifetime. Sometimes when you can detach the behavior of the personality from the essence of the soul, it is easier to recognize if the person’s energy is unhealthy or not in accordance with your energy. This also creates a stepping back of sorts.

3. Literally take a step backwards or sideways: I was recently speaking at A.R.E.’s Empath Survival Conference with Peter Bedard, and he offered this advice: If someone is throwing an energetic arrow at you, move aside and let it pass. You don’t have to stand in front of it and get hit! That seemed quite wise to me! Taking a step back is also an energetic message to the other person that they are in your space. If they step closer, try this exercise.

  • Image a golden light between the two of you. Golden light is unconditional love.
  • Feel the intent that the person’s energy has to past through this golden light and is cleared and cleansed by the light before reaching you.

I hope these few tips will help you the next time you find yourself with someone who is invading your energetic space.

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