For several years now, I’ve been studying the energetic properties of gems and stones and teaching people how to use them to enhance their lives.

Edgar Cayce often recommended various stones for people, saying that placing stones on or near the body—either by holding them or wearing them as jewelry—can actually shift the vibrational frequencies and energy fields surrounding us.

People often ask me to recommend stones for them to use. All stones will assist you in what I call the three major areas of life: 1) Love, 2) Health, and 3) Money/Security.

In addition, you can actually program any stone to further assist with what you need.

If you’ve taken Reiki or other energy healing modality courses, you are trained to send positive thoughts and healing to people, seeing them as well, happy, and healthy and asking for their highest good to be done.

Programming a crystal or stone is no different. You simply hold the stone in your hand and send the energy of what you want to create into the mineral.

Crystals are excellent tools for programming, because they are natural transmitters of energy, and any colored stone you use can be greatly enhanced by using this method. Colored stones tend to have certain areas they are prone to assist with, although even they can be set and programmed to enhance energies in a specific area of your life. When I work with the colored stones in this way, I like to begin with the knowledge of what the stone is good for in the first place, then allow the programming to enhance those abilities to work in specific ways for specific people.

For example, a client recently contacted me and wanted recommendations for protecting the home. There are certain stones that are naturally prone to this, and one I recommended was Smoky Quartz, because it has the energy of the crystal with the dark smoke color that forms a natural protective barrier. Before sending the stones to her, I sat with them and visualized them in the areas of the home she described. I told her to place one in each of the corners of the home on the top and bottom floors, forming what is called a grid. Then, using the power of imagination, I visualized a white bubble of light sitting over the home, and just as you would do during a healing session, I asked that within this healing light that only that which is of highest good can come through, and that the home be protected and peaceful.

Imagination in healing is critical. The things we create in our mind, our thoughts, can become tangible energies in the unified field. Even though we cannot see the things we imagine, they work!

Stones can be programmed to work in other areas as well. In my book, Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones, I discuss the powerful healing properties of Amethyst, which is named from an ancient Greek tale about the god of wine and libation, Bacchus, who turned a young girl named Amethyst into stone. Because of this, amethyst is known as the Drunken Stone and can be used to assist with addictions.

I work with clients doing past life regressions, and often, there are addictive behaviors that need to be addressed, whether it’s drinking alcohol or other unwanted habits, so I hold an Amethyst while working with them to set the intention and program, if you will, the results of seeing the client as released from the unwanted behavior, being peaceful and calm.

Another wonderful stone to use is the aquamarine. Energetically it enhances our ability to hear spiritual communication and receive messages, but during a gem recommendation I gave recently, I suggested it could be helpful for adding a sense of fun and joy into the home. Once the recommendation was made, again, I selected the specific stones for the client and before sending them out, sat and visualized them energizing the entire family with peace and happiness.

The Edgar Cayce readings have been valuable over the years, and in those readings, Cayce gave concrete information to individuals about what they could do to assist themselves in the three major areas of life. These recommendations are useful for many people, not just the person who received the reading. I believe that is the case with many energetic remedies, such as the stones; we can tune into frequencies to discover the best vibrations to use to enhance our lives.

Programming your own stones is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide what it is you want to create
  2. Select a stone in your home you want to work with by asking, “which one of you wants to assist me with this?”
  3. Wait and listen for the answer. Trust your instincts and what comes!
  4. Pick up the selected stone and sit with it in meditation.
  5. Imagine you are sending what you want into that stone. If it is concentration, for example, imagine you can feel yourself easily able to concentrate. What would that be like? Put that desired energy into the stone.
  6. Set the stone in the area where you believe it will make the greatest impact. For example, if it is concentration you want and you feel distracted by your computer, then set the stone near the computer and ask it and assume it will assist you in limiting your time browsing websites, helping you complete projects, etc. Ask for what you want!
  7. You might also want to carry the stone with you and allow the frequency to affect you throughout the day, depending on what you are trying to create.
  8. Believe in the outcome! Trust yourself!
  9. Most of all, have fun!

Crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz, and aquamarine are among the stones I will be discussing in greater detail during my upcoming lecture at the Annual Psychic Development Conference in November, called Top Ten Psychic Stones of All Time.

Besides these, what other stones will I select as the very best of the best to use to enhance your intuition? Come to the conference and find out!

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming workshop and wish you peace, happiness and joy on your path.