Edgar Cayce gave a number of readings for the Norfolk Study Group #1, the group that wrote A Search for God, the book used by Study Groups around the world today. On December 20, 1936, a group gathered at the home of one of the members with their questions. By the time of this reading, the group had been studying together for over five years. I can imagine Edgar Cayce folding his hands over his stomach while his wife, Gertrude, prepared to ask the questions. The Study Group quietly surrounded him in prayer and meditation while Gladys Davis prepared to record the answers.

That afternoon, the group asked for a reading to give them a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the real meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. It was a topic discussed often in the readings. Although the message was given over 70 years ago, the hope and possibilities from the answer are still relevant today for all people of every faith.

The reading explained that there was never a time when there was not a Christ or a Christ Consciousness in the world. Edgar Cayce went on to explain the Jesus was born “to give the more perfect concept of the relationships of man to the Creator.” The angels rejoiced at the birth and the message was heard by those

...close to nature, to the hours of meditation and prayer… Only then to those that sought could such a message come, or could there be heard the songs of the angels, or that music of the spheres that sang, "Peace On Earth—Good Will to Men!”

For as He chose to enter, so ye have entered. As He chose to live, so may ye live. As He chose to give of Himself that there might be a greater understanding, a greater knowledge; yea, the showing forth of the wisdom of God that God is love, poured forth upon the children of men in this experience.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 262-103

Each of us can be a channel of blessings and allow the Christ Consciousness to become manifest in our lives and in the earth. The thought that we can bring this awareness of our connection with God into our lives daily--by setting an ideal, choosing to be of service, and taking time for meditation and prayer--fills me with hope for our future. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.