A Journey Into Iceland
and the Center of the Earth

By Deirdre L. Aragon


On a recent trip with the A.R.E. in Iceland, I was able to journey to the center of the earth. I was familiar with the Jules Verne story and Hollywood movies. I was unaware of the physical and spiritual wonders which lay ahead.


The morning the tour group left was a cloudy and exceptionally windy day on the Snaefellsness Peninsula. We left the enchanting Hotel Budnir and drove to a gravel lot in the wilderness of Southern Iceland. Before us lay a lava rock trail heading uphill into the wind, and despite the terrain and bitter cold I knew I could not sit out this opportunity.


You have taken upon yourselves that as is worthy of the calling as set in Him. "You have chosen me, even as I have chosen you." Be faithful and patient, that you may enter in. Edgar Cayce 262-26

Iceland 2 blog 10-14-2011I began trekking up the hill into a mountain cliff. At times the path was gravel and at other times the path was lava rocks and dirt. Several times along the trail I took time to rest and analyze the progress of my self-chosen journey. I overcame the urge to quit and I knew on a soul level that I needed to overcome my physical discomforts and complete this trek.


Once I made it to the opening, cut by time and nature into the side of this mountain, the trail turned into a rocky stream. The last few steps required physical balance, a well thought-out plan and a spiritual desire to see what lay ahead. I moved cautiously forward and emerged into an open cavern of peace and tranquility.


The black rocky walls were covered with a vibrant green moss and a beautiful stream flowed back downhill. A small bird flew in to welcome our small group with a song. It was evident why this place is called the center of the earth. I felt as though I stepped into the heart of the earth. I could truly feel the divine presence of the Creator in this place.

How gracious is Your presence in the earth O Lord. Be the guide, that we with patience may run the race which is set before us, looking to You, the Author, the giver of light. Edgar Cayce 262-24

Iceland blog 10-14-2011 As we could not stay in our new found tranquility forever, one by one we left the center and began our journey back to our companions on the bus. The idea was that the trek back down would be easier than the one up. The wind was on our backs and we were familiar with the path before us. Although our spiritual selves had been well nourished by the energy from the center, we still had to watch our step as we descended.

We had to find new footing on the way down and at times we slid on the gravel or even fell on the rocky path. With a few difficulties we all made it back safely to the bus. Those of us, who made the journey to the center of the earth, felt an overwhelming sense of invigoration. We were alert and focused for the rest of the morning. Every step was well worth the trek and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

While pondering this morning hike, I began to see how this was symbolic of the soul's returning journey to oneness. The uphill hike on the varied terrain was challenging and rewarding, just as life is. The companions along the way represented family and friends; sometimes they offered a helping hand and other times we had to navigate around each other to make our own way. Sometimes our karma was represented by the lava rocks, other times a patch of blueberries would represent the sweetness in life.


Many times we feel that our spiritual paths should become easier with time and often that is not the case. Just like the entrance to the cliff, the path changed and required more effort to complete the journey. Once inside, the still small voice within was evident [like?]the gentle chirping of a lone bird. After a period of rest and recharging, it was time to return to our brothers and sisters on this earth in order to share our new-found peace and help guide other souls along the way.

In day-to-day physical life, we easily forget that we were created to be companions and co-creators with the infinite First One, the Creator, out of whom all originally found life and consciousness.

John Van Auken
From Karma to Grace: The Power of the Fruits of the Spirit

Despite our new-found centeredness, the path down presented new challenges. This trend is symbolic of our spiritual intentions. Our reemergence is not always as graceful as we intend. There are always lessons to be learned and new karma to be resolved. Every step is worth the physical, mental, and spiritual work to reclaim our spiritual birthright?oneness with God.


The next time the spiritual path appears rocky and uninviting, remember the reward at the end of the journey. Reclaim your true self as a co-creator with God. Then share your knowledge with your earthly brothers and sisters. Show them the way back home to their spiritual source.


Deirdre L. Aragon 8-2011Deirdre L. Aragon is a Laguna Pueblo Indian, who spent the early years of her life on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico. Her paternal grandmother and aunt, who were tribal healers, taught Deirdre the wisdom and teachings of her tribe. She was raised in a home where metaphysical principles and holistic healing were accepted and practiced as a way of life. During a near death experience when she was ten years old, Deirdre was given the "mark of the shaman" from the Spirit World. Accepting her abilities, Deirdre has designed several healing techniques based on her personal experiences and knowledge gained through various sources and is an active speaker. She is actively involved with A.R.E. in Northern Virginia and has participated in A.R.E. Search for God Study Groups since she was a child. She has been a student of the Unity Movement for over 15 years. You'll find her website Noble Minds, a companion on the path of enlightenment, online at Noble-minds.com. She is hosting a "Transformational Event" featuring A.R.E. author and lecturer Kathy Callahan, PhD, in Oakton, VA on Saturday, March 31, 2012. Visit her website for upcoming details.