The Cayce readings introduced me to a part of spirituality that I didn’t know existed. The readings explained levels of healing and the afterlife that I never before could have imagined, at just the right time in my life when I needed to hear it most.

This material is what inspired me to write this poem as a sort of letter to God. For a couple of days, the first two lines of this poem kept running through my head. When I decided to write the lines down, the remaining words just poured out in a matter of minutes. 

Dear God,

What will happen today?
Let me feel your presence when it does.
Help me to react the way you want me to,
to learn from the experience.
Help me to make someone happy today,
to change someone’s direction in life
for their better.

Help me to feel exquisite joy
at least once today
so that my heart feels like it will leap
out of my chest.

At least once today, give me empathy so that
I feel another’s pain.
Tell me what to say, tell me what to do,
Give me the ability to let my family and
friends know that I love them.

In the midst of the noise I will enter into soon
know that I appreciate the song of the birds,
a smile from a stranger,
the warmth of the sun,
the music that surrounds me.

Thank you for the healthy food I will eat.
Remind me to take care of the Earth,
to take care of myself, to move and to sweat.

I know I am here to learn
though some of your lessons are hard.
Help me to change my life
after living your lessons
so I don’t have to repeat them again
and again
until I get it right.

Help me to believe that since you are in me,
we are all One.
That through my eyes, my voice, my actions,
you experience my life.
You are not only with me
when I ask you to be
I can neither call you in, nor send you away.
You are in the very blood that pulses
through my veins

In the noise of the day,
please let me hear your voice.
Sometimes you may need to speak loudly
as I can be selfish and think that what I am
doing is of utmost importance

I want to go through every room in my home,
every room in my heart,
sweep out what is not necessary,
then fill them with the light of you.

Help me to realize that everything and
everyone that I love will slip through my
earthly fingers
to return to you in spirit.
By returning to you,
they return to me.
Give me strength to know that this is the way
you intend it to be.

Help me to know when to speak,
when to remain silent,
when to listen.

Help me to nurture the talents you gave me
and please show me the gifts
I have been too blind to see.

Teach me to live in this moment
to not dwell on the past,
to not fret of the future.

Help me to prove to you that every breath
that I breathe in
is appreciated,
and is actually a prayer of thanks to you.

When I go back to sleep tonight,
help me to feel tired,
and satisfied that I used this day
to the best of my ability.

When I dream, please talk to me
and teach me what

you want me to know.

I will enter into tomorrow a better person,
because I lived this coming day as the gift
you intended for me.

And please, give me yet another tomorrow
so that I may ask this all of you…