A Prayer for the World
By Karen Boldt


WorldAs I work toward a better understanding of the readings, particularly those given for the Prayer Group (the 281 series), I become more and more aware that only the Divine heals. I am merely a channel; therefore, the first step is to become a clear channel of God’s love. It is only through my desire to heal myself that I can help others experience the healing in themselves. Perhaps this is why the original prayer group that continues to this day is called the Glad Helpers and not the Glad Healers. I believe this idea is best expressed in the following reading:


Remember—as in the experiences of life, as in those examples that are set before us in every manner and way—there are few words that may be said other than that the kingdom is within, and “I am my brother’s keeper.” These are immutable—these change not. (Reading 1151-17)


Let’s take time today in the celebration of World Prayer Day to truly emphasize the healing nature of prayer and meditation, not only for ourselves but for our fellow human beings. At each weekly meeting, the Glad Helpers pray for the world, calling the name of each country, which now totals close to 200.


At times, it can be a challenge to know what to pray. Below is a Prayer for the World written by Meredith Ann Puryear who served on staff at the A.R.E. in the Prayer Services Department and worked with the Glad Helpers Prayer Group and with the A Search for God material for over forty years before her death.



We pray for all nations, territories, and islands of the world and their leaders.

We pray for all troubled spots over the earth. We pray for the stability of the continental land masses and the island groups, the purification of all the waters of the earth, the healing of the atmosphere and of Mother Earth herself, and that all the peoples of the world may be good stewards of the earth and all the resources of their lands.

We pray for all religious leaders and teachers, religions, and spiritual groups that teach the oneness of God and the brother-sisterhood of all humankind.

We send your light, love, joy, healing power, and peace to every receptive center of consciousness in the earth...and in the universe...and pray that it be reflected from there to bring peace and harmony throughout the whole world.


Let’s remember and recognize not only our connection to the Divine, but the connection with our brothers and sisters everywhere.


In Love and Light,

Karen Boldt




Karen Boldt -blogKaren Boldt began working at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in November, 2004. She worked in the Health Spa as well as the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massotherapy. She is presently responsible for A.R.E.'s Outreach Department including Prayer & Meditation Services which manages prayer requests from around the globe. She also oversees the A Search for God study group program, Prison Outreach, and the Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group, of which she is a member.