(Note: The following is an excerpt of an article written in 1943 and included in the report document for reading 2265-1)

The importance of astrological urges is explained by pointing out that each soul passes through planes of consciousness between appearances on earth. These planes of consciousness are represented by the planets of this solar system — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, named in order of their proximity to the Sun. In each of the environs governed by these planets the soul takes on a form suitable to the dimension and planets and continues its growth. The order of these experiences is governed by the action of the will of the soul in relation to its experiences.

Gradually there has evolved through the ages an understanding of the urges which come from experiences in these various planes. In attempting to express these urges in words, in relation to physical consciousness, much is lost; and it becomes impossible to explain the inter-action of the will as it affects the negative and positive sides of these influences. For general consideration we give the following parallel expressions: 

Mercury — Mind.
Venus — Love, Beauty.
Mars — Force, Energy.
Jupiter — Idealism.
Saturn — Purification, Change.
Uranus — Occultism, Extremes.
Neptune — Mysticism, Water.

In the light of this theory of soul experiences, astrological influences take on a new meaning. (It may be best to state here that Life Readings do not indicate physical experiences on other planets but rather point out the planes of consciousness are represented by the planets.) The influences from the various planets may naturally at times seem harmful rather than helpful. The completeness and well- roundedness of the necessary experiences are important. Great teachers and philosophers of the world have stressed balance. In this physical life the need for balance is but a reflection of the necessary development in the spiritual life. The nobleness of Jupiter without the driving force of Mars, the love influence of Venus without the tempering action of Mercury, is dangerous.

As you consider the multitude of complex nature represented in mankind, know that you view many degrees of developing entities who have not assimilated the balancing factors of all the solar experiences. The naturalness of varied combinations and crossed manifestations are even more reasonable when we consider the fact that the human will may use or misuse each opportunity presented to it, and anywhere along the path of development turn the whole entity about and stride backward, carrying thousands of souls with it, as many of the so-called "great" men of history have done.

In considering the theory of rebirth as presented in the Life Readings, perhaps our first consideration should be that we are upon the earth as we make these observations of life and it behooves us to make the most of our experiences. Instinctively these experiences lead us to seek an understanding of the laws of the universe. The simple tiller of the soil or the great scientist is awed by the complexity of the world about him. Reincarnation, as it is explained in the Life Readings, is a natural law, a natural part of the plan for spiritual growth.

Theories of reincarnation have been concepts in the religious and philosophic belief of peoples of every nation, civilized and uncivilized, since man's appearance on the earth. Knowledge and superstition have at times become inextricably confused, resulting in diverse explanations of the laws of rebirth. Uninformed persons make no distinction between reincarnation and transmigration. The first pertains to the soul's rebirth in the earth plane in human form, while the latter refers to the rebirth of the soul interchangeably in animal forms.

Those desiring a knowledge of various beliefs embodying these theories will find of interest those of Plato, Pythagoras, the Indian religions, African tribal religions, American Indian religions, Egyptian and Persian Mysteries, Druidic and Christian mysticism. Among the modern philosophies and cults Theosophy, Rosicrucianism and the Order of Christian Mystics present interpretations of the subject. Spirtualism is divided as to the truth of this theory. Information through mediums in America may be said to discount it, while that given through those in England and on the continent substantiates the belief.