Good Friday can be a time of reflection for many of us. Gladys Davis Turner, Edgar Cayce’s secretary who took great care in recording all 14,306 of his readings in shorthand and later typed transcripts, distilled the importance of the readings’ explanation of the incarnation of the soul who became Jesus. The readings suggest that this unique soul experienced many lifetimes, first as Amilius—projecting as a thought form—and then as Adam fully in the flesh. By the time this soul entity incarnated as Jesus, he represented a perfected pattern of our physicality on Earth.

Gradually, life after life, here a little, there a little, the soul perfected itself in the Earth, and, as Jesus, took his spiritual body back to God, becoming the Christ.”  -- Edgar Cayce reading 262-36

The selections from this Easter message come from a series of thirteen readings with an unusual beginning. The first in the series was given at the end of an emergency physical reading. The request came from a woman who called requesting a reading after a sleepless night due to pain. After being given the suggestion three times to wake up, Edgar Cayce volunteered a description in great detail of the Last Supper. Gladys would later write in a letter that it was, “One of the most beautiful messages of our whole experience.”

When asked the purpose of this unsolicited sharing of the Last Supper after this person’s health reading, the answer came: “It became so close to the part of the entity’s experience—for He with his teachings is to all men HELPFULNESS… For the approach to mercy, to love, to peace, to harmony, is through just those things as He taught." (1315-10)

(Q) As we approach this Easter season our thoughts turn naturally toward the Biblical accounts of the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ. We seek at this time through this channel information dealing either with a completion of the historical account or interpretation and explanation of the full meaning of the resurrection which will help us to better understand and appreciate it.

(A) Yes. In seeking ye shall find. In the experience of each soul that has named the name of the Christ, this should be a season of rededication of self as being a true messenger of His in and among men.

In seeking, then, to know more of that, as to those here, much may be revealed to those that in their inner selves experienced that material period when HE, Jesus, walked in the earth.

But for what purpose is this season observed, that caused or called for such a sacrifice that life might be made manifest? Is it not fitting that to those here, to those there in that land, it came at that particular season when life in its manifestations was being demonstrated in the material things about each soul?

How, why, was there the need for there to be a resurrection? Why came He into the earth to die the death, even on the Cross? Has it been, then, the fulfillment of promise, the fulfillment of law, the fulfillment of man's estate? Else why did He put on flesh and come into the earth in the form of man, but to be one with the Father; to show to man HIS (man's) divinity, man's relationship to the Maker; to show man that indeed the Father meant it when He said, "If ye call I will hear. Even though ye be far away, even though ye be covered with sin, if ye be washed in the blood of the lamb ye may come back."

Ye, too, oft doubt; ye, too, oft fear. Yet He is surely with thee. And when ye at this glad season rededicate thy life, thy body, thy mind to His service, ye - too - may know, as they, that He LIVES - and is at the right hand of God to make intercession for YOU - if ye will believe; if ye will believe that He is, ye may experience. For as many as have named the name, and that do unto their brethren the deeds that bring to them (to you) that closeness, oneness of purpose with Him, may know - ye, too - in body, in mind, that He LIVES TODAY, and will come and receive you unto Himself, that where He is there ye may be also.

Crucify Him not in thy mind nor in thy bodily activities. Be not overcome by those things that are of the earth-earthy. Rather clothe thy body, thy mind, with the thoughts, the deeds, the privileges that His suffering as a man brought to thee, that He indeed might be the first of those that slept, the first of those that came in the flesh, that passed through all those periods of preparation in the flesh, even as thou.

But if ye would put on Him, ye must claim His promises as thine own. And how canst thou claim them unless ye in thine own knowledge, thine own consciousness, HAVE done - do from day to day - that thy heart has told and does tell thee is in keeping with what He has promised?

For thy Christ, thy Lord, thy Jesus, is nigh unto thee - just now! – Edgar Cayce reading 5749-6

Regardless of one’s religion, the pattern Jesus gave can be useful for all of us to follow. And may we all be moved to be a channel of blessings, not only during this Holy Season, but every day of the year.