We are co-creators with the Divine. Perhaps more than any other idea this statement gets to the heart of the Cayce information on the power of the human soul. However, even when we come across this concept in the Edgar Cayce readings we may simply say the words rather than come to a full realization of their meaning. We may also believe that this co-creative ability is something “far off”—perhaps something that will be ours when we reach “perfection.” As a result, we may fail to understand the far-reaching implications of this capacity in our present experience. The irony is that only our soul power for perpetual co-creation will enable us to transform ourselves and, in turn, the world. It is the same co-creative power of the soul that is destined to usher in a “new age” of love and hope and service and responsibility toward one another. As co-creators, just what are we building for our tomorrows? Just what is the nature of humankind that allows for such a dynamic? How do we respond to life in the here and now, and how should we? The readings might ask, “What are we doing about all this?”

From the standpoint of the Cayce readings, we are not physical bodies with souls but are instead spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are spiritual beings who have forgotten our true nature and are not always living up to the very best we have within us. Instead, we generally identify with our physical lives and our earthly experiences and forget why we even came into the earth in the first place. Simply stated, we came into the earth to somehow bring spirit here.

Many individuals have incorrectly assumed that the goal is to get out of the earth. Some might say that our goal is to “get to heaven.” Others might phrase the goal as “reaching perfection” so that we can get out of the earth. Yet, both of these goals look at our heritage from a perspective quite different than that contained in the Edgar Cayce readings. In fact, the readings confirm that God desires to be expressed in the world through each of us. Our job is to somehow bring “heaven” or “divinity” into the earth—the example set by Jesus being a pattern for every soul. That is why we are here. Our goal is to bring the very best we can think of into full manifestation in our lives and in our relationships with others. That is the ultimate power and destiny of the soul.

One of the readings beautifully describes our nature in this way:

For ye are as a corpuscle in the body of God; thus a co-creator with Him, in what ye think, in what ye do. And ye change each soul ye contact, literally or mentally . . . no soul may come in contact with the entity without being changed, either in body, in mind or in purpose . . .

-- Edgar Cayce reading 2794-3

On another occasion Cayce reminded an individual of her relationship with the Divine and the fact that the Creator was always present:

Are ye not all children of God? Are ye not co-creators with Him? Have ye not been with Him from the beginning? Is there any knowledge, wisdom or understanding withheld if ye have attuned thyself to that Creative Force which made the worlds and all the forces manifested in same? Thinkest thou that the arm of God is ever short with thee because thou has erred? “Though ye be afar, though ye be in the uttermost parts, if ye call I will hear! And answer speedily.” Thinkest thou that speakest of another, or to thee? Open thy mind, thy heart, thy purpose to thy God and His purpose with thee.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 294-202

We are always co-creating, either in attunement with the Whole or out of accord with it. If this is true, if we are always in the process of co-creation, what are we creating by our thoughts of negativity, by our animosity toward one another, by our fascination with horrendous news events or crime? If a million people are expecting California to have an earthquake, what kind of an effect does that have upon the stability of the fault lines? If millions direct thoughts of hatred toward the President, what does that do to the person in office? Do we look for positive changes in the world without seeing the need to make positive changes in our own lives? According to Cayce, “Thoughts are things and may become crimes or miracles!” Are our thoughts creating miracles for the future or are we contributing to possible disaster? The readings approach to our co-creative ability is one which constantly builds for the future. Regardless of our present circumstance, regardless of current world events, regardless of how overwhelmed we may feel right now, the readings state:

. . . ye can do something about it! For know that ye are in the present experience, in the present environ, in the present years of thy activity more productive, more far-reaching in the influence ye have, in the opportunity that ye will have for making the earth a better place to live in for those to come. And remember you’ll be back again! What do you want it to look like . . . you’d better be up and doing . . .

--Edgar Cayce reading 4047-2

How are we using our soul power of co-creativity to bring that about? After all, we are somehow responsible for the present now which was once our future. What do we want the world of tomorrow to look like? What are we co-creating for our next future? Where do we want to go?

Today, we are facing perhaps the greatest challenge of our history in the earth—and that challenge isn’t about politics, or war, or disease, or poverty, or ultimately any of the ills impacting humankind, for these are merely effects, results, of what we have built in the past. Our greatest challenge right now is whether or not we can become consciously aware of the impact we have upon our present experience. What kind of a world are we building? Can we ever learn to love one another?

Oftentimes, the readings used the term of “just being kind” as the ultimate approach to all of our experiences and our relationships. That stance, undergirded with the soul’s power of co-creation and coupled with the power of other souls doing the very same thing will one day transform the world. The advice from the Cayce readings: “ . . .make the world a better place because ye have lived in it. Ye can only do that by the hour, by the moment, by the day ye live. For ye are not promised more than one day in the physical consciousness at a time. Use it—don’t abuse it!” (5392-1)

The Edgar Cayce readings on the power of your soul explore the soul’s capacity to affect change. This change comes as individuals work with spiritual ideals, focus their wills in a direction that better facilitates the true nature of the soul, place an effort toward personal application (doing what one knows to do), use their co-creativity capacity at the level of body, mind and soul, and attempt to be kind in each and every relationship. These steps bring into best manifestation the soul’s ultimate power of co-creation.

For Cayce, each individual is ultimately a companion and a co-creator with God. Creation is an ongoing process and every thought we think and every action we take has an impact upon that process. In Cayce’s terminology, we are in the process of becoming “One with the oneness.” It is our destiny to reawaken to the fact that we are spiritual beings manifesting in the earth. That is the power of the soul.