Awakening to Peace
By Alison Ray


One of the key tenets in Edgar Cayce’s teaching is that soul growth requires application. Not just knowing information, but actually living it by making the time for the things that are most important especially, being of service.

Last week, I met a group of people who were doing just that. The group ‘13 Moon Walk 4 Peace’ is on a mission to awaken the heart of America and to transform how we relate to each other and the earth. They believe that humanity is going through a shift in consciousness and that together we can create a peaceful and harmonious world. For the past year, they have been walking across the United States; bringing their message of hope and peace to 42 cities. Their walk began in Atlanta, Georgia on 10/10/10 and will conclude on 11/11/11 with the establishing of a National Peace Trail.

JoanGrasserandMaryWoodswithPeacePoleWhile at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, they planted a Peace Pole. The wooden pole was hand-crafted and capped with a small copper pyramid. On the sides were carved Oneness, Faith, and Peace. As with other communities where poles were planted, it is intended to create a Peace Zone based on the unique vision of community participants. After a brief ceremony of prayer and setting of intention, each person helped add the soil that would hold the pole in place for the future.

Their work and goals fit beautifully with the Edgar Cayce readings. During a reading in 1943, Mr. Cayce was asked if it would be possible to raise the world’s economic standards.

Not only must it be possible, it must be done! if there will be any lasting peace! But it must begin in the hearts and minds of individuals… As the vital cells of the body — when they have rebelled, and caused sufficient others to do likewise, destruction sets in.  (Reading 3976-28)

In another reading, given May 10, 1944 a man working at a Naval shipyard asked what might be done by the American people to bring about a speedy, lasting peace. Mr. Cayce’s response stressed personal responsibility:

We haven't the American people. The thing is to start with yourself. Unless you can bring about within yourself that which you would have in the nation or in any particular land, don't offer it to others. (Reading 5101-1)

Another reading stresses the importance of getting started:  

"Use that you have in hand today.” And as you use it, the way is shown…for the greater developments in all your activities… It may grow to that expression and experience, dependent upon the application of that you…already know and see in your inner self. Reading 1458-1

As to how it was to be accomplished, Mr. Cayce also had an answer: 

This…must be little by little, line upon line; using that you have — and as you use…that necessary for your greater understanding…[and] greater development, is given thee day by day. (Reading 1458-1)

Analyze self and the purposes, the motives, the influences; and know that they agree with that which is your ideal. Not what you would wish God to do for you, but what may you do in appreciation of the love shown? Not as to what you would like to be, but what may you mentally give that will be conducive to constructive thinking in the experience of others? In the physical, not what you want others to do for you, but what may you do for them?

These are what we mean by constructive thinking, and as they are applied within the experience we will come to see what a spiritual life means. Not the eliminating of pleasures, for the purpose of life is pleasure, but that which is constructive and not destructive!

Live it…and…you may induce others…to try it. Not by nagging, not by finding fault. You would not want others to find fault with you! Then live so toward others that you do not find fault, but find the good in every experience.  (Reading 1995-1)

The Peace Pole was planted near the Foot Reflexology walk at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach. To learn more about 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace and to meet the individual members of the group, visit their website or