The Edgar Cayce readings confirm that there are personal guardian angels charged with the responsibility of overseeing this journey for each and every soul. In addition to guardian angels, there are angelic beings who seem to be part of a collective work—overseeing a task or a responsibility that may come into play for individuals depending upon their individual choices and actions. These angelic beings seem to oversee patterns of behavior to which the human creature has an affinity. Three of the most common patterns that the soul seems susceptible to on its journey through space and time are choosing to live in alignment with Divine will, choosing selfishness and persona rebelliousness and thereby remaining ignorant of the soul’s divine nature, and choosing to follow the patterns of karmic memory rather than growing in awareness through spiritual grace. Through their own free will, individuals ultimately choose their path of life unfoldment, and regardless of that choice, the angelic realms are there to help oversee each individual’s direction. 

From Cayce’s perspective, there are also a variety of “spirit guides” who can have an influence on us again based upon choices each soul is making in life. The Cayce information explores many examples of the role of guides; however, two things quickly become apparent in the readings dealing with spirit guides. The first is that each individual attracts guides that have an affinity to that soul’s current level of development. In other words, as a person grows along the spiritual path, the level of guide and guidance available to that person grows as well. Cayce repeatedly told individuals that just because someone was a spirit guide did not mean the guide was any more knowledgeable than the person that guide was trying to help. The second premise is that individuals should not attempt to contact these spirit guides firsthand. Instead, the readings encourage individuals to continually seek their relationship to the Creator, and guides would be sent when their influence could be of help.

Taken together, the readings repeatedly confirm that angels are real and very much involved with the activities of humankind. Each individual apparently has a host of angels and spirit guides that stand ready to be of personal assistance. The principal role of these angelic influences is to be a source of guidance and inspiration for soul growth and personal development. The long-term goal is that the Creator wants each and every soul to reawaken to its divine origins and to have an awareness of its true home.

One of the most oft-repeated quotes on angels cited in the Cayce readings is “He has given his angels charge concerning thee, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Originating in scripture (Psalm 91:11–12, Matthew 4:6, and Luke 4:10–11), the readings contend that this phrase deals with the fact that the angelic realms have been charged with assisting all individuals in their passage through time and space. Whether the path is challenging or joyful, the angelic guardian is present. What is most interesting is that the choices each of us makes either opens us up to more divine guidance and angelic assistance or cuts us off from these spiritual resources. Apparently, an individual is assisted from the angelic realms more readily as that person keeps self in alignment with spiritual laws, doing the best they know.

For example, Cayce told a 45-year-old woman that she had a depth of tolerance and acceptance of other people that exemplified being a friend “even to the friendless.” She was encouraged to work on self-development, for as she worked on herself, she would become even more capable of assisting others. As she worked on herself, she would also become a greater channel of blessings to others. The advice came, “Hence, keep thine self in the way; for His ways are not past finding out. For, He has given His angels charge concerning thee, that thou dash not thy foot against a stone,” suggesting that by living in accord with spiritual principles, she would be assisted in her life’s direction by the angels themselves. When she asked if she should seek outside assistance or guidance, the reading suggested that as long as she held true to her personal growth, what she needed would be provided by the Creator through the angelic forces. 

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