For decades, people have looked to Edgar Cayce’s readings for guidance and insight. The spiritual truths and encouraging words contained therein have enabled thousands of individuals to gain inspiration that has brought profound change into their lives. The daily reflections in Edgar Cayce Thoughts for the Day: 365 Inspiring Lessons are accompanied by inspiring true stories from people who have applied the principles found in the readings and experienced life-transforming results. Additional stories come from a variety of religious sources, including Biblical, rabbinic, and Sufi traditions.

We are inspired as we see how other people have confronted the challenges of life. We are given new hope and insight as we see how they faced struggles, joys, disappointments, and moments of growth. This book is designed to offer you the opportunity to explore spiritual concepts in practical yet uplifting moments that can bring light and grace into your daily life.

Here are some sample “thoughts” from this new A.R.E. Press book.

Choosing Growth

Q. Would a separation of any sort be helpful?

A. This must be a choice within self. Self’s own development is in jeopardy. Choose.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 845-4

Rosemary’s marriage had been ending for at least two years. She and her husband were fighting constantly. As a result of the counseling she was getting, she wanted to change how she related to people and change her goals for her life. However, her husband didn’t approve of her new plans and resisted her efforts. Finally, she filed for divorce.

When the divorce was granted, she experienced a variety of mixed feelings. A part of her was relieved. She could now begin a new life. The other part of her felt as if she had failed. She wondered if she had not tried hard enough, if part of her lesson in life was her marriage and thus she should have stayed with it.

Almost two years later she began reading the Edgar Cayce readings. She found many instances where he told people to work on problems and not run away from them. However, she also found times when he spoke about the need for a marriage to break up if the relationship had become so stifling that people could no longer grow in it.

Reading these words reassured her that she had tried her best, but she had needed the divorce in order to allow space for both her and her husband to grow in new ways.

APPLICATION: Where in your life are you being stifled and can no longer grow? Take a step to find a new way to grow.

A Moment of Silence

Your prayer, your supplications have been heard, and they are brought before that throne of mercy, light, peace, and harmony.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 1301-1

Karen walked into the office and found that everything was in chaos. Several issues had surfaced during the last three days and decisions needed to be made quickly on some of them. People were waiting to see her, and one look at her calendar told her the day was not going to get any easier.

She closed the office door, sat in her chair, and prayed for help. Her prayer was, “God help me to handle all this. Let answers come to my mind as I face each issue. Let answers come through other people who also have insight into what to do.” Then she sat quietly for about five minutes before opening the door and facing the day.

This little prayer and moment of silence always helped her relax and become more open and more alert. This time alone in silence also helped her focus more on each issue as it came along rather than feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the issues she had to face in a day.

APPLICATION: The next time an overwhelming number of decisions and issues face you, pause and seek guidance from a higher source of strength.

Her Heart Opened

Whoever holds grudges for those activities that have brought contention in the life makes the way rough and hard for self.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 585-2

Nancy was having a difficult time with someone at work. Several situations had occurred which had left her full of bitterness and resentment. Since she saw this individual almost every day, she realized she had to work on herself in some way to resolve her anger. When she asked others for advice, several people recommended the forty-day forgiveness prayer. In this prayer, said once a day for forty days, she would ask the other person as well as herself for forgiveness.

At first she thought this was silly. Since regular prayer and meditation were not doing any good, why should forty days of the same prayer make any difference. However, as she looked at the prayer, she realized she was not dealing with “should’s” or “ought’s.” The prayer focused solely on forgiveness in order to remove barriers between people. She decided to try it. She was amazed that at the end of forty days a weight had disappeared from her life. Her attitude toward the person had changed completely and even the relationship had changed. Her heart was now open in a way it had never been before, and she knew healing had taken place.

APPLICATION: If you have a difficult situation in your life that you want resolved, the forgiveness prayer is a tool you can use.

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