As I manage A.R.E.’s online social media presence, I have noticed a recent trend in questions sent to our Official Edgar Cayce Page on Facebook. Many people have commented or asked “Edgar” about how to prevent someone from “stealing” their destiny, or how to get their destiny back. I felt it was important to explore the answer.

In order to talk about our destiny and free will, we must first discuss one of the most valuable lessons the Edgar Cayce readings gave to us, which was that we should study ourselves to know ourselves:

 … study first to know self and that which motivates the purposes of self.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 361-4

I think psychic readings, astrology, and numerology are all methods—among many others—that fall into that study-of-self category. But as Cayce explained, we need to have an overarching reason for this study, not one that is simply self-centered but altruistic:

In the studies, then, know where ye are going ... to find that ye only lived, died and were buried under the cherry tree in Grandmother’s garden does not make thee one whit better neighbor, citizen, mother or father! But to know that ye spoke unkindly and suffered for it and in the present may correct it by being righteous – that is worthwhile!

-- Edgar Cayce reading 5753-2

Having a better understanding of ourselves, our actions, and the motivations behind our actions gives us a better chance at understanding and empathizing with others. It also gives us an opportunity to understand what some call our destiny or life’s purpose, and to make positive changes in our lives.

Astrology, numerology, and even psychic readings can tell us about our tendencies, but the readings stated that it’s important to remember:

. . . there is no urge in the astrological, in the vocational, in the hereditary or the environmental which surpasses the will or determination of the entity . . .

-- Edgar Cayce reading 5023-2

Throughout my life, I’ve reflected on places I’ve been or circumstances I’ve found myself in and the thought has occurred to me that if I had gotten a psychic reading and they “saw” me in some of those locations or circumstances, and they mentioned them to me during a reading, I would have interpreted their meaning in my life completely wrong having misunderstood them due to lack of context.

But what I’ve come to feel is even more important is the realization that with my free will, I can—and do—change my life’s course.

In 1935, Cayce was asked:

(Q) Is the body aware of the destiny of the physical body at birth?

And the answer came:

(A) God Himself knows not what man will destine to do with himself… He has given man free-will. MAN destines the body!

-- Edgar Cayce reading 262-86

It turns out, free will serves a critical function, according to Cayce.

For, if free will or the desire (which is an attribute or an expression of will) were taken from man, or from the human soul, it would then become rather the automaton…

-- Edgar Cayce reading 349-17

Has a year ever passed where you looked back and marveled at how far you have come? So, a psychic reading given to you today is going to “see” your life patterns and the likely path you will take going forward. The reading you receive will be about that likely path. But the good news is that if you’re not happy about that path, you can change it. A good psychic may even see a better path and give you advice as to alternatives. As Cayce explained in a reading given in 1928:

Again, as to whether this will be exercised is in the mind of a free-will BODY, and there may only be given that which would be the better PLAN for activity…

-- Edgar Cayce reading 270-13

Recently, I was driving in my car with my son, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. I knew I was getting ready to turn the car toward the sun, and I said, “The sun is getting ready to be in your eyes,” to warn him. He reached up and pulled his visor down, then jokingly said, “No, it’s not.” In this example, I am the “psychic” who got it “wrong.” But if he had not taken action to block it, the sun would have been in his eyes, and my prediction would have been correct. Having taken action of his own free will, however, he changed his future. Had I been a better psychic, perhaps I would have said, “The sun is getting ready to be in your eyes, unless you put your visor down.”

It’s funny that such a simple thing can get you thinking so esoterically, but it really brought home for me that I am in charge of my future, and as Cayce indicated, my free will overrides everything. Therefore, I should really take care in what I do with it!

Cayce advised that we make our will at one with the Creative Forces:

First know thyself, and make thy paths and thy life conform to the will of the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 257-14

What does it mean to make your will at one with the Creative Forces? The Cayce readings, which are scattered with quotes from the Bible as well, often reminded us, "This day I have set before thee good and evil. Choose thou." 

And the benefits of choosing “good”? Cayce said,

For, the soul seeks growth; as Truth, as Life, as Light, IS in itself. God IS, and so is life, light, truth, hope, love. And those that abide in same, grow. 

-- Edgar Cayce reading 257-123

So let us remember that no one can steal our destiny from us. We have free will, we choose our destiny, and even making our will at one with all that is good is an individual’s choice.

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