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The terrible images we are seeing on television showing the destruction of people's homes, hospitals, and even maternity wards are upsetting to our better nature and our higher ideals. Those of us who carry love and light in our hearts and minds are disturbed by these images and the physical pain our fellow human beings are suffering. Some of us may be getting so angry as to hate those who are committing these inhumane acts. Cayce's readings of the Akashic records tell us a similar story about Atlantis when the Children of the Law of One were growing angry with the "Sons of Belial." The Dead Sea Scrolls tell us that Belial is the leader of the Dark Forces that don't believe in the oneness of all souls. They were motivated to develop hierarchies that enslave souls and suppress their soul growth to the will of oligarchy of a few.

In telling this ancient story that is being repeated today, Cayce warned that the Atlantean Children of Light and Love allowed their thoughts and feelings to grow in hatred toward the Lords of Darkness (as the Maya called them). Cayce explained that this growing hatred diminished the Light and Life Force in the Children! Their motives may have been righteous, but the effect was harmful. He explains that the insidious power of the prophesied anti-Christ is the spirit of hatred, and this spirit can invade people's hearts and minds, communities, and even nations! He encourages us to not act like our enemy, using his energies and powers, because this will dim our light and life. Rather, hold fast to our enlightened mind and heart, using the "Unseen Forces" to counter the Darkness. Cayce states clearly that the Unseen Forces of the Light and Spirit are more powerful than the seen forces of the Dark Ones and their slaves. The Unseen Forces may not have tanks, jets, and bombs but what they do have is more powerful. He repeats the spiritual truth that the goodness and prayers of a few can save a nation (Genesis 18:20-32). He also explains that the Dark Forces may kill bodies for a time, but they cannot kill souls, for they are immortal. Souls will reincarnate within new bodies carrying a new determination.

This does not mean that we should become door mats surrendering our physical abilities to the physical powers of the Dark Ones, no. Cayce is trying to warn us not to let the spirit of hatred, revenge, and self-aggrandizement insidiously infect our thoughts and feelings, and thereby weaken our Light and Life. He encourages us to shield ourselves from the seeming righteousness that deceptively contaminates our thoughts and feelings. He wants us to keep our hearts and minds nourished by the Fruits of the Spirit while doing everything we can to counter the lies and destructive actions of Darkness. Prayer, especially the prayers of many, fills the collective unconscious of all souls – the good ones and the bad ones – with Light and Love. We need to keep prayer in our arsenal of weapons – seen and unseen.

Cayce's reading of the Akashic records speaks of the infamous Armageddon (Revelation 16:16), the final battle between the Light and the Dark. He explains that the more souls that carry light in their hearts and minds presently in and coming into the world, the more they overwhelm that dark hearts and minds. Eventually, this growing soul group of the light and love will lead to a Golden Age of Light and Love during which time all evil will be banished from the world (Revelation 20). Cayce goes on to instruct us to be determined to incarnate then! The age lasts for as a thousand years, so we may incarnate several times during this age of Light and Love.

For now, we must not let the evil we see infect us with hatred and revenge, while doing everything we can to counter this evil – with both the seen powers and the unseen powers. 


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