Celebrating the CHRIST-mas Spirit 
By Darrin William Owens

The Spirit of Christmas is upon us. Honoring the sacred birth of Jesus the Christ hopefully revisits our hearts and reminds us to receive the light and love of the holiday season. I'm a staunch advocate for preserving the CHRIST in Christmas. I don't hold this devotion for any religious purposes but for spiritual awareness. Just as Thanksgiving touches us with the ideals of gratitude, Christmas returns every year to awaken the ideals and the blessings of giving and receiving-giving and receiving the Christ Spirit.Christmas Candles 2011

Let's not, as humans tend to do in our sometimes altered state of unconsciousness, forget the pure intent of what it means to receive the gift of Divine Love (The Christ), and remember how this love was borne into the world to reshape our minds and souls and point the way to a higher purpose.

This season I find myself in great distress as I watch holiday shoppers clawing and fighting their way for a black Friday special on a big screen TV. When did Christmas become an international wrestling match? I'm truly saddened by what at times seems like the departure of the meaning and intent of Christmas these days. The desperate consumption of material goods seems to be the worship of a false idol, hanging lost souls on a broken cross; a cross that bears no promise of glad tidings with great joy. It deceives us with a temporary sensation of happiness, only to bury us later in deeper debt to the physical dimension. The global mind has created this "idol worship" of materialism to make up for a sense of loss within the inner self. Sometimes we think that if we can get more "stuff" we will be happy, or our family will be happy, and all will be well. What a sad thought system to feed during what should be a celebration of the birth of a new consciousness. Not only does the addiction to buying more stuff arise from this type of clouded perception, but money worries, depression, and loneliness set in for many.

christmasappleI remember a Christmas during my childhood when money was very tight. My mother and two older brothers could only afford one small gift for Christmas. It was an adorable stuffed kitty with a radio. I loved it! I remember the sadness in their eyes as I opened my gift. At the time I did not realize where the sadness was coming from, but I as I grew older I realized they were wishing they could have given more. There was a belief among all three of my family members that there was a need for money in order for Christmas to be had by all. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about giving or receiving gifts during the holiday season. My message is that gifts, money, and material things are not what Christmas is about and should never be the foundation of celebrating this holiday. We know this, but we still need to apply the message of the Christ Spirit in our hearts and be givers and receivers of its light. That Christmas oh-so-many years ago may have been a sad time for my family, but for me it was one of the best. My mom and my brothers were all there with me, and that's what counted in my mind.

Unto Thee is born, Yea, unto thee-each one-is offered a knowledge, an understanding of the life of the Christ that will renew thy life, thy purpose-if ye will but sing that new song, "Love One Another." (Reading 262-116, given December 19, 1937) 

It's time to not only recognize the Christ Spirit in Christmas, but learn to resurrect over false attachments, and allow the Season of Miracles to re-awaken the Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment that lies within all of us. It is, as the Cayce reading implies, time to sing a new song this season-one of love. Every gift is love, and let the heart receive it, the Christ Spirit.

gift1I hold fast to the knowingness that if each soul took the time to realize the light within them, they would no longer scavenge for a sense of joy in materialism. Gifts and cool toys can be an added bonus, but it's not the real meaning of the Holiday Season. The new song of love that each one of us can begin to sing, note by note, can feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, light the eyes of a child that is poor, and warm the fur coats of our animal friends on a winter's night; that is the Christ Spirit in action. During this Christmas Season, please remember the birth of a baby in manger, a divine archetype of spiritual power that gave the gift of the ultimate ideal, showing all lost souls a path back to God.

God hath not willed any soul should perish, but hath given even His Son, who brought into the world the Spirit of Christmas. (Reading 281-59 given December 21st 1941) 

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