Change, Changes, and Earth Changes
Kevin J. Todeschi


Today, I am more convinced than ever that many of us who are students of the Edgar Cayce readings have somehow misunderstood or misinterpreted these predictions on earth changes or that somehow those changes have become manifest at a different level.


Cayce’s predictions are not really about earthquakes. Instead they are about the fact that a new world is being born. The changes provide an opportunity to get our priorities back in focus. The promise of the Aquarian Age is that this refocus is indeed going to happen. Our actions and our attitudes alone will determine the course we take in order to arrive at this inevitable future. The experiences we require to get there are “changeable” – open to choice – but the destiny is not.


Somehow we’ve collectively lost track of our purpose in the earth. The changing events in our world and in our lives are to enable us to remember why we are here. If our faith is currently placed in money – our finances will be tested because we’re not in the earth for monetary gain. If we’ve put all our hopes for the future in government, then we can expect political upheavals. If we put our security exclusively on the solid ground where we live, then we may need an earthquake or a cataclysm to redirect our lives. Whatever we’ve focused on previously may be taken from us. Simply stated, the changes are the testing which will enable us to put God first in our lives.


Ultimately, that’s the only reason for this business of change, changes, and earth changes. Our planet is in the midst of upheavals that will enable individuals everywhere to eventually gain this realization: with God as our Creator we are all part of the same family. That understanding and experience is our collective destiny. As I reflect upon Cayce’s earth change prophecies, this is essentially the reason we are undergoing change. This is the promise of the New Age. By our thoughts and deeds as individuals, we contribute to how long it’s going to take us to get there.


We don’t want to fool ourselves: the geological condition of the planet makes some earth changes inevitable. In other words, there will continue to be earthquakes. But the purpose of the changes we are experiencing is not for the earth changes themselves, it is so that we will undergo personal transformation. Just as the people of Nineveh were faced with inevitable change, humanity today is in the midst of an unavoidable process. Our need to come together as one global community is greater than ever before. It is a necessary part of fulfilling our destinies as a human family; it is a necessary part of our heritage as spiritual beings manifesting in the earth.


Kevin Todeschi is A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he is the author of over twenty books, including his most recent, God In Real Life: Personal Encounters with the Divine, and the bestselling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor.


Copyright 2009, Kevin J. Todeschi