Clearing Items of Negative Energy
Part 2
By Tina Erwin

What tools do you use to clean negative energy from anything? The tools listed below are designed to be helpful, useful and practical. Remember, as you are clearing an object, be sure to state your intention with prayer and visualize the light of God permeating the object.

Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Benzoin and Myrrh are types of resins from Sumatra, which you burn in a small black rounded out charcoal ‘holder.’ You buy them in either bricks and break it down, or you can buy them in small pieces. You will need a Pyrex bowl to hold the heated pieces. Heat the charcoal holder with tongs, until it is glowing, and then place the dragon’s blood and one or all of the rest of the resin pieces on top of the charcoal in the bowl. A white smoke will immediately come up and it is this white smoke that actually clears the negativity of an object. You will want to use the real resin, not incense because incense will not work the same as the smoke from these resins.

These resins will work on houses, cars, furniture, clothing, books, rugs, jewelry, a person, and the general atmosphere of a location. Depending on the object, you will want to move the smoky glass bowl all around the piece, the house, car or even yourself, if you have been in a profoundly negative place, being careful not to burn yourself. Be sure to leave a window open when you do this, so that he negative energy can leave your location. Remember, Dragon’s blood incense does not work the same way.

Frankly, those of us who study this, find the use of these resins to be the best way to clear large things. Sage just isn’t powerful enough to permanently remove negativity and even these powerful resins only work to a certain degree and that degree is predicated on the amount of negativity an object holds.

  • Essential oil of Pennyroyal is exceptionally powerful tool to use to clear negative energy. However, Pennyroyal is toxic when you touch it, so be sure to wear gloves. Wash the piece of jewelry in warm soapy water. Dry it well. Place the piece of jewelry to be cleared in a zip lock bag. Place several drops of the pennyroyal in the bag and rub the piece with the oil through the sealed bag. Place the bag in bright sunlight for one to three weeks, depending on how negative the item is. Remove the item, wash again in warm soapy water, and dry. See how you feel.
  • Salt is a powerful clearing tool. Wrap an object in dry salt and aluminum foil, shiny side in. This contains the energy and will also help to clear it. Be very careful about certain pieces of jewelry, not all of them will tolerate salt. Leave in the salt one to 15 days, depending on the severity of the negativity. Never wash opals or pearls in salt.
  • Bach flower remedies can be used on a specific piece of jewelry, or other large object or clothes. You can put Rescue Remedy or whatever essence you like in a spray bottle and spray the object, garment or piece of furniture. This is especially helpful if you happen to know that the object was connected to a trauma. You may have to do this several times to fully clear it.
  • Other essential oils also can be used to clear jewelry and other objects. Sweet orange oil, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, cedar, lemon, rose, peppermint and sage are but a few of the wonderful ones to try. Get a sense of what feels right to you and then put 10-15 drops of the essence you chose in a small spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with spring water. Bless the water and/or say a prayer over the bottle and then use this essence to clean a space, or an object. This is a great tool to clear hotel rooms when traveling.

Other ways to clear washable jewelry (be careful with pearls, tanzanite, and opals) and crystals include:

  • Washing in warm soapy water, rinsing and then placing the object in the sun for up to several weeks.
  • Wash the object and then bury it in the ground or in a pot with a seedling in it. Again leave several weeks. Be sure to mark where you put something in the ground with a little flag.
  • Diamonds respond beautifully when soaked in salt water for 24 hours or longer.
  • Put the pieces in a fine mesh bag and lay them in a rushing river or stream for an hour or more. Often the continual fresh water will really wash negative energy away.
  • Do the same as above, only go to the ocean and allow the salt water to wash the pieces. The power of the ocean in clearing objects is amazing.
  • Holding the piece under running water will clear energy from a stone; metal is cleared by contact with the earth.

Tina D. Erwin, CDR, USN, Ret, has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Her most recent book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief, offers hope and help when facing a loss. Erwin currently writes a weekly column on metaphysics called Light Times.