One of the great things about working at the A.R.E. Health Center & Spa is that it is world-renowned, so we get visitors from all over the country and from many other countries as well. It's terrific meeting people from varied backgrounds, many of whom share my passion for the wisdom of the Edgar Cayce readings.

Some of our visitors go to A.R.E. conferences or workshops, and most like to experience some of the therapies we offer in the health center. Several are interested in Cayce's unique hydrotherapy recommendations, including "colonics" we offer in the spa. Colonics are a cleansing of the colon that Cayce suggested for digestive health.

Many people do not realize the effects that traveling can have on one's digestion and elimination. It is natural to have daily rhythms for many things, mealtimes, sleep/wake cycles and especially bowel movements. Just entering one's usual bathroom after breakfast may signal to the body that it's time to use the toilet. This may not happen in a different bathroom. We come to depend on our routines to help us plan each day. When we travel, especially across time zones, these routines are often disrupted. Our mealtimes may change, and more importantly, what we eat and drink may change, especially when we're on vacation. We are also sleeping in a different bed, and in general, engage in activities that may be quite different from those to which we are accustomed.

I have found that many of the visitors traveling to our facility are experiencing some of these challenges, so their normal eliminations may be a bit off. Extra gas in the bowel can make the colonic experience less comfortable than it should be.

My worst colonic experience was the day I relocated from the Shenandoah Valley to Virginia Beach. It was a four-hour drive and my car was so full, my view out of the back windows was compromised. I was afraid if I got pulled over, I would be told I couldn't drive with my car so full. I was nervous. I was tired. I was excited. I was full of gas. I unloaded the car at my new home and went to my colonic appointment at the A.R.E. about an hour later. The colonic was uncomfortable and my response to the water was sluggish at best. I decided not to have a colonic after a long trip ever again! But of course, I didn't keep that promise once I realized what I could do to prepare.

Here are some tips that may help folks who travel a long way to experience a Cayce cleanse:

  • Wait two or three days until the body acclimates to the different environment to have a colonic.
  • Try to focus on high quality, colorful fruits and vegetables on the days leading up to colon hydrotherapy.
  • Maintain good hydration with pure water between meals always.
  • Avoid foods that you know create extra gas for you, such as broccoli, beans, cabbage, and unripe fruit.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages and eating large meals.

My experiences providing colon irrigation for the last eight years has shown that, for many clients, regular consumption of wheat, dairy, peanuts, and corn contributes to excess gas.

As a population, Americans consume these foods too frequently, and they are among the top 10 foods causing allergic symptoms. Cayce reminds us that starch and protein combinations like meat sandwiches and pizzas are poorly digested, so eat vegetables and salad with meat instead of bread or pasta.

Try to stay relaxed, get some extra sleep, and consider deep breathing exercises throughout the day, every day, to ensure the abdominal organs and the lymphatic system are being stimulated. It is recommended in the Cayce readings to use castor oil packs on the abdomen to prepare for a colonic; three or more are especially helpful.

Visit the Colon Hydrotherapy section of for more pre-colonic suggestions for the most comfortable and beneficial session! Call the spa at 757-457-7202!

Blog post by: Carla Hope Andersen, RN