Edgar Cayce, Atlantis, and the Touch Lamp
By Brenda Brown

This experience happened, and when it did, a new 'reality' was awakened in me. I didn't seek it out. I didn't expect it. But when it started happening, I did not just believe, I knew. It all began when a friend of mine, knowing I was interested in spiritual things, asked if I wanted three books she had tried to read but couldn't understand. All of these books were about Edgar Cayce, and one of them, about Atlantis, had been taken directly from Edgar Cayce's psychic readings. I sat down at the kitchen table, coffee in hand, and commenced reading.

Edgar Cayce Mysteries 42011While it was true that the writing seemed obscure and cloaked, I was surprised that I seemed to tune in to the intent behind the words and actually grasped the meaning. Very soon, I was thoroughly engaged and finding it quite enjoyable. While the picture of life in Atlantis started to come together, a distinct thought, like a small voice, came clearly into my being, and I found myself responding to it. "Go into your room," it suggested to me. "Why would I go into my room?" I found myself questioning, having no reason to go into my room. This back-and-forth continued for about 10 minutes, and finally, I got up and went into my bedroom.

There was my cat, asleep on my bed, and right beside my bed was my nightstand, with the touch lamp on it. What was unusual was that the light was on. Now it would be possible for my cat to have walked across the nightstand, and accidentally touched the lamp, turning it on. But in the 7-8 years that I had owned the lamp, this had not happened. Yet here I was, looking at the lit-up lamp. 

I would have just written it off as the cat having touched the lamp somehow, but what was disconcerting, was that voice I had heard with a suggestion to go to my room, for some reason unbeknownst to me. With that question unanswered, I walked back into the kitchen and commenced reading.

The following morning, I was awakened when my housemate entered my room. She explained that when she had taken the dogs out in the middle of the night, she noticed that the light in my room went on. Thinking that something must be wrong, she came into my room to see what was going on, only to find me fast asleep, with my bedside touch lamp on. She turned it off, went to bed, but when she checked again in the morning, noticed that once again the bedside light was on. I had no idea why.

I sat down to continue reading the Atlantis book. When I got up to get my second cup of coffee I glanced into my room. There was my bedside light back on! This was becoming more than different, it was uncanny. All I could do was go into my room, turn it off, and keep reading. Everything else seemed normal.

That night, the same incidents occurred. About the time the dogs went out, the other lady saw my light come on, came in, and turned it off. But again, the next morning, when she got up and glanced into my room, the light was back on.

This activity continued for the next week, the duration of my reading the book. One night, I woke up to find the bedside lamp on, and of course, turned it off. Later that same night, 'nature called,' and when I got up, my light was on. Turning it off again, I went back to bed, but the next morning, a friend of mine visited and decided to wake me up, when they entered my room the lamp was again on. Every day I read the book, the light went on, and every night, it turned on at some point while we all slept. If I woke up and found it on, I turned it off, only to find it on again the next morning.

Then I finished the book. I had been doing a lot of research on the content I was taking in, and so, that night, I sat on the edge of my bed, starring out my bedroom window into the night sky, my mind flooded with the incredible time and society that was Atlantis. As I sat musing, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my bedside touch lamp, turning off, on, off, on. Not flickering like a candle, but going off and on as if someone was turning a switch. I sat watching it for about a minute, and finally just reached out and touched the lamp myself, turning it on, and then touching it off for the last time.

For the remainder of the 2-3 years that I had it, the lamp never turned on 'by itself' again. Was this a Poltergeist? I don't believe so, as Poltergeist activity is not selective and usually involves more than one activity. The New Universal Family Encyclopedia, one of my research books, describes a Poltergeist as a "noisy, mischievous, and often destructive invisible agent that persecutes the occupants of a house, most commonly by throwing or moving objects." There was no such activity, nor did I sense any destructive presence in the house before, then, or since.

Had this just been an isolated incident, I would have brushed it off, but hearing this small persistent voice or suggestion, to go into my room, then finding the lamp on, for no reason was odd enough. But that it continued for the duration of reading the book, I could not deny what my own spirit was telling me. There is indeed a connection between what Edgar Cayce was saying about the time of Atlantis and me. I believe that there are others who likewise, are genuinely connected to that time.

Whether or not you believe we have a spirit that lives on after our body dies, doesn't matter, because you'll find out soon enough. But for those who genuinely want to know the reality of the spirit world, you cannot lose by opening your mind to it. It adds a tremendous dynamic to life now, as well as to the one hereafter. Not to mention finding out and knowing that you're not a piece of dust; you're not temporary; but that you matter, now and forever.

BRENDA BROWN is an ordinary individual who has had several extraordinary experiences in her life. From a young age, God made Himself very real to her. Following a spiritual experience, she has had an ever-growing thirst to really know God and to walk with Him at all times. She is interested in hauntings, different religions, the Bible and the Zodiac. She is writing a book on the Zodiac in the Bible. A longtime member of A.R.E., she believes in sharing her experiences in hopes that they will benefit others.