The materials outwardly were of the mountains nigh unto the upper waters of the Nile.
It was in the form of the pyramid, within which was the globe—which represented to those who served there a service to the world.
The furnishings may be surmised from the fact that the most beautiful things from each land were gathered there; gold, silver, onyx, iron, brass, silk, satins, linen.

-Edgar Cayce reading 281-25

I have always believed our souls come back into worldly existence with inklings of who we were before, yet when we incarnate, we agree to dip into what the ancient Greeks called Lethe, the river of forgetfulness. We spend our lifetimes attempting to remember our divinity within.

As someone who has spent much of the past 20 years delving deeply into the Edgar Cayce “Life Readings” (readings that addressed the life of the soul), I believe everyone who is attracted to the Cayce material draws from some deeply embedded memory from their past lives either in Egypt, Atlantis, or in the earliest times in Lemuria, when life was non-physical. I’m convinced all Cayce enthusiasts are part of a larger soul group who has returned to awaken to higher realms of consciousness and understanding.

When you read the above passage from the Cayce material, does it speak to you? Do you believe you lived in ancient Egypt? I know I have always felt that I did, and that feeling only deepened after I first visited Egypt in 2000.

Without a regression, how would it be possible for you to know with such certainty that you lived a prior life in ancient Egypt? Consciousness pioneer, Carl Jung, described a term called anamnesis, a soul memory where we simply know within ourselves who we were and where we lived in former lives. For example, if I told you I just know I lived in England in the past, even if I had not been there before, that’s anamnesis.

Déjàvu is another similar but different experience. If you and I were sitting in a coffee shop having a conversation, for example, when one of us suddenly realized we’d had this same modern day experience before, that’s déjàvu.

After working as a past life regressionist for 20 years and regressing thousands of people, another phenomenon I’ve discovered is something I call Supretrovie—an externally induced past life memory triggered by travel, objects, meeting certain people, or watching something familiar on television. In the case of Egypt, I experienced a spontaneous memory of my prior life during my trip there. When this happens, the regression becomes a tool for healing past lives rather than simply discovering them.

People don’t necessarily have to travel to experience Supretrovie. One of my clients reported having an actual panic attack at a museum when he stood before Egyptian artifacts. He reported that by simply viewing objects on exhibition, his current reality faded away, and he found himself back in ancient times, working deep within a tomb when a mountain of sand collapsed on top of him. His friends had to carry him out of the museum, and it took a period of time before he finally regained his composure.

I’ve discovered Supretrovie happens to just about everybody, but we’re all programmed by a skeptical society to push those memories down and dismiss our inner visions as silly figments of the imagination.

In my new book Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing, we walk through several of the rituals found in the Egyptian healing temples and readers go through an initiation described by Cayce in order to work with several new healing symbols. That experience is bound to stir up memories from times long gone for those who lived in the stunning ancient Egyptian civilization.

Have you experienced Supretrovie? If so, I’d love to hear from you! I’d also love to get your feedback after you read through the material in the new book. I’ve heard from several readers who say that the material definitely triggered some wonderful memories of the past. Meanwhile, enjoy your journey and embrace the discovery of your past life connections.