Edgar Cayce on Thanksgiving
by John Van Auken

Around 4 p.m. on November 20, 1938, Study Group #1 consisting of 20 people met in Edgar Cayce’s Arctic Crescent home in Virginia Beach. His wife Gertrude was the conductor, Gladys the stenographer, and the reading was numbered 3976-21. The subject was Thanksgiving, and the message went something like this (I’ve edited the reading for clarity in our more modern language of today):

“Yes, we have the subject of Thanksgiving. Many appear with the desire to give their own interpretation on this subject. [Note: Cayce was often surrounded by discarnate souls who wanted to speak through him.] But we choose to give a message from the more Universal need of those here, as well as humankind everywhere. We desire for humanity to give thanksgiving for not only the blessings experienced but the fuller meaning and appreciation for Life itself and the opportunity which is offered to all to become more and more aware of their relationship to the Creative Force or God."

“It is well that you be reminded how the pilgrims and before them the people with Moses were reminded, not in their days of plenty but in their days of hardship [40 years in the desert searching for the Promised Land with God’s guidance], to set aside a time for thanksgiving. They remembered all their joys, sorrows, disappointments, and hopes. They remembered what theirs might be if - IF - they would but hold to those promises; relying, as it was necessary in those days for a complete dependence upon the bounty of a merciful Father. The Father had a purpose in choosing them and bringing them out of their old countries, old ways, and building up their faith and morals in new ways."

“And today, as you look back upon those experiences, you - TOO - find yourselves to be chosen."

“Have you chosen Him?"

“For as was given then, ‘If you will be my people, I will be your God!"

“This is a universal experience to each soul gathered here, to each soul throughout America, to each soul as may be in all lands: ‘IF YOU WILL BE MY PEOPLE, I WILL BE YOUR GOD!"

“Then in this America, when a handful of souls sought a place where they might freely worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience, the bounties of the land were in such measures as to preserve their lives. They proclaimed that thanksgiving must be in the mind and heart of each soul."

“So, in America was set the precedent that has come to mean so much that year after year the rulers of the States and the President of the Union, keep that precedent."

“Then, to ALL: As you do in the spirit of TRUE thanksgiving come to realize, as you find in your daily experience with your fellow man, he that is unappreciative of opportunity, of care, of thought, of long-suffering, becomes very little."

“What, then, will you - as servants, - yes, as children of a living God, of a living promise to you - DO ABOUT such a day?"

“For the day itself is nothing. Remember how He as the Teacher of teachers gave that the Sabbath was made for man, NOT man for the Sabbath!" [Matthew 2:27]

“Then remember, Thanksgiving is your OPPORTUNITY to show your appreciation to your friend, your home, your mother, your children, and most of all to your God!"

“As it may be truly said, of all the days for HUMANITY'S opportunity, of humanity's making, of humanity's concern, TRULY Thanksgiving should be nearer and dearer to the hearts of those who are appreciative of Life and its opportunities, under ANY experience!"

“For remember, it was instituted not during times of plenty but of great need."

“What is the need then of humanity in this day of disturbed mind, of anxieties?"

“That you may reconsecrate, rededicate - each of you - your heart, your body, your purpose, to the LIVING God!"

“This is the message then that should be to all."

“Let this day of Thanksgiving be not only to enjoy that which may satiate the body, that which may make for the gratifying of appetites of the body, but that day when each of you may give thanks to God for BEING alive! For having the opportunities to raise your voice in prayer, in praise, in thanksgiving for the love He has shown, that He showers upon you day by day!"

“And as you do this, in the SPIRIT of love, in the spirit of truth, of patience, of long-suffering, you will receive that awareness of His closeness to you. And this will bring you to the greater knowledge, the greater understanding of what He would have you do.”

Cayce gave the following Thanksgiving prayer or affirmation, so let’s all say this, and our collective voices will add the spirit of these words to the hearts and minds of humanity’s collective consciousness.

“Let that mind be in me that will create the right environ for my body, for my mind, and for the purposes and aims that I may be preserved for a service to others, giving praise, thanksgiving, and glory unto Him in whom there is life, light, and hope.” (EC 478-2)