Of all the meditation techniques I've learned and practiced over these many years, none has been as effective as Edgar Cayce's passage-in-consciousness technique. Our free online meditation course has diagrams of some of the steps, and links to those pages are included. With a little practice we can deeply attune ourselves to God and retain that essence, energy, and vibration in our daily lives.

Here is a step-by-step guide for making passage in consciousness to God-consciousness:

  1. Select a place and set aside a time for the practice. Go to that place and time daily. Allot a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably an hour.
  2. Begin with stretching exercises. Stretch by reaching up high with your arms and hands while on your tiptoes. Alternate reaching to the ceiling with one hand then the other, like a cat stretching on a carpet. After a few of these stretches, bend over and touch your toes, stretching your joints, limbs, and spinal column. Continue the alternating motion with these toe-touching stretches. Now, do the Cayce head-and-neck exercise: The key is to feel the stretching all the way down your spine.
  3. Now, do Cayce's breathing exercise: While inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the right, you should feel uplifting and opening of the spiritual forces of the body. It's good to have fresh air in the room while doing this breathing exercise, to bring more oxygen into the circulatory system and brain.
  4. Now, get in a relaxed position that you can maintain for the whole session. If you decide to lie down, you must cover your solar plexus with your hands (this is Cayce's instruction in 440-8). If you decide to sit up, then you do not have to cover the solar plexus, just place your hands where they are most comfortable.
  5. From here on you will need your imaginative forces for the following: Remove your "earthly portions" (Cayce's term) and personality from your body. With your mind's eye, see your mental hands moving these earthly aspects out of your body to a place in front of your body. Hold them there. Your body feels lighter and open, ready for your soul to come forth.
  6. Now, subjugate (Cayce's term) control to your soul and subconscious mind. See, feel, and know that your soul and subconscious mind are taking control of the system. An indication that this is occurring is a shift in your breathing, toward deeper, steadier, slower breathing.
  7. Once you feel the subjugation and deeper breathing, inspire your soul to ascend and expand into the mind and spirit of God, the Universal Consciousness and Infinite Spirit. Use a directing suggestion, such as: Arise my soul and enter into the presence of God, the Mind and Spirit of God; the infinite, universal consciousness of God. Imagine and feel yourself rising; feel the expansiveness and the buoyancy of the spirit of the Source of all life. Become universal and infinite. See it. Feel it. Know it is happening.
  8. Draw your head back slightly and allow your soul to expand through dimensions of consciousness – upward and outwardly expanding into God's infinite presence. Keep the "movement" upward and outwardly expanding until you feel yourself becoming a part of the whole of the universal consciousness, like a drop of water becoming aware of the ocean of water within which it exists. When you sense the infinite presence of God, connect with It. Plug into It. Hold on and maintain a connection with It. Attune yourself to the Infinite Oneness. Then, shift from aggressive seeking to receptive openness to God's will. Use an affirmation, such as: Not my will, but Thy will, be done in and through me. Feel God's will, God's Spirit, flowing into you. (Despite the thrill of it, you must try to subdue emotion—stillness and universalness are necessary for ideal attunement.)
  9. Once your body, mind, and soul are fully imbued with this Life Force, abide silently there. Attempt to stay conscious but if sleep overtakes you, awaken slowly, sensing your deeper mind's perceptions. At first, this may be difficult. Losing consciousness, like falling asleep, is a natural tendency. Eventually, you'll be able to maintain consciousness. Your breathing is likely to become very shallow, almost not moving. Cayce says that there is magic in this silence. Allow that magic time to do its work.
  10. When you sense that the session is concluding, gradually begin to make your way back into physical life, bringing with you the essence, energy, and vibrations of this attunement, this oneness with the Infinite. Feel yourself moving back into the body. Take a deep breath to aid you in drawing yourself back into the body. But bring the essence, energy, and vibes of the attunement. Take another breath and draw the higher self back into the body and this dimension of life.
  11. Now, begin to balance the energies for proper functioning in physical life by equally distributing the energy throughout your body, not leaving supercharged energy in the upper portions (the head, neck, and shoulders). Imagine moving the energy to every portion of your body and mind—balanced, equally distributed. Cayce said that the internal organs of the body play a role in this balancing. Feel the energy in your lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, glands, and skin. Let the energy now move from the brain to the other organs. This is an important step. Cayce suffered physically when he did not do this re-balancing. Take time to do it well.
  12. Now, let your daily actions, thoughts, and words reflect your attunement, not in a pious or better-than-thou manner, but in a natural, loving, cooperative manner. Simply practice the Fruits of the Spirit. These are: love, kindness, gentleness, patience, understanding, and so on.

You'll want to watch your dreams and intuitions. This practice will ignite dreaming. It will also generate intuitive glimpses from your deeper mind and the great collective mind that all souls are connected to. It's a good idea to carry a small notepad in which you can record insights and ideas that come—because, your outer, conscious mind (if it's anything like mine) will not be able to remember these. Like dreams, they are knowings of the deeper mind that creep through the veil to consciousness but are hard to hold onto. A notepad and dream journal help keep them in this dimension, this outer life.

This technique does require some time. Cayce advised setting aside an hour for the practice. In the first year that I practiced this, it would take me about 30 minutes to see, feel, and know the first 9 steps; now it takes about 5 minutes, leaving the rest of the time to be in the universal, infinite condition. Re-balancing also used to take much longer than it does now. The more you practice, the more you develop your body, mind, and spirit to know and understand the finite condition and the infinite condition, and the transition from one to the other. The overall experience is quite natural and normal when balanced and integrated into our lives and the whole of our being. One can be here, projected into individualness; or there, expanded into universalness. After a while, even when in individualness you feel the universalness. It's wonderful but much more natural and normal than I expected. Cayce always taught that that's how it would be, saying that we were in the infinite, universal condition prior to incarnating. Therefore, returning to the other condition will not feel supernatural but natural and familiar.

This meditation method allows the "magic silence" to better imbue us with the vitality, peace, and clarity of God's spirit and mind. It also brings out our better selves, which Cayce identified as one of the main goals of meditation: "let your better self come through." Cayce's readings often instructed us to let God come through us into this dimension and into the lives of people around us.