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In our membership course for 2022 we are seeking health, happiness, and a meaningful life. We began with January's lesson, "Engage the Fullness of Our Minds, the Power of Our Attitudes, and the Energy of Our Emotions." Now in February, we want to develop some important practices to add to our lives because they will help our souls on their journey this incarnation.

As seekers we should have soul-developing practices. These practices are often referred to as "spiritual practices." In addition to daily hygiene, wearing fresh clothes, exercising, and eating nourishing meals so our bodies function at their best, we need spiritual practices. Here is a preview of the February lesson including 3 practices to consider:


Tuning is turning the dial on our minds and hearts to the channel of love, light, and revitalization. We may think of it as tuning our mortal, finite, self-conscious nature to our infinite, eternal essence. The Creative Love that conceived us in its image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-28) loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. According to Cayce's reading of the Book of Life, budgeting time to tune-in to the Life Force, the Mind of God, the Universal Consciousness will nourish our bodies, minds, and souls. This includes tuning-in to the Life Force that is flowing like a great river to a sea of destiny for all life. Even the stars flow through their journey from birth to life, and on to death and rebirth. Getting oneself in tune with the Life Force and Universal Consciousness is an important practice from Cayce's perspective. 


Communing is sharing ourselves with heavenly Mom and Dad. It includes listening to our heavenly Father and Mother (aspects of the Universal Consciousness). This is how we converse with the Source of our existence. It's how we gain wisdom and receive guidance. Here are a couple of examples:

1. "Let the body enter within self, for in the quiet alone and in this way commune with the Father in Spirit. The way, the how, the manner, will be opened for the body - not to excess, but to that sufficient to meet the needs of the hour, and the way will open for the understanding of the powers that be!" (39-4, 41-year-old male)

2. "Then, commune the more often in the inner shrine, in the holy of holies. Meet the presence of the Father there; KNOW the love of the Christ in action; experience and see truth and the Holy Spirit in the results that come from such consecration of the ideals of self. For, each may have the experience of speaking with Him through such a consecration; for His promises are true, 'I will not leave you comfortless, but will come and abide with you.'" (264-46 Norfolk VA Study Group #1, lesson on Love)


Contributing is one of our reasons to exist. The Creative Forces, Mother and Father, didn't just create us to be, but to be a contributing part of the whole Creation! We exist to contribute to the comfort, growth, and wellbeing of others. Scripture states that we exist to glorify God through our faith and actions. This fits well with the two greatest commandments: Love God and love one another. The word "love" in this context is a verb, an action word! This means getting up and doing – loving others. This is not blind love, but love blended with truth. We don't become door mats, no. Rather, we become helpers, comforters, listeners, and encouragers in the lives of others. Kabbalah adds that we express lovingkindness in our relationships.

"You may be a greater help, a greater blessing to others; at the same time encouraging you, lifting you up to a more perfect knowledge of the glories of the Lord as He works in and through you." (281-27 Glad Helpers prayer-healing group lesson)


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