From Atlantis to the Yucatan Peninsula
By John Fuhler

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land. There we find the entity was very close to those in authority…For it was the entity that received the message as to the needs for the dividing of the children of the Law of One for the preservation of the truths of same in other lands. Hence we find the entity was among those who were as the directors of those expeditions, or the leaving for the many varied lands just before the breaking up of the Atlantean land. Hence the entity outlined in the most part…the expedition guided by Ax-tell and the ones to the Pyrenees and to the Yucatan and to the land of Og. (Edgar Cayce Reading 1681-1)

This is one of about two dozen readings describing the emigrations to the Yucatan peninsula after the destruction of Atlantis (or Poseidia). Among those who immigrated to the Yucatan were very creative individuals, the products of whose endeavors inspired the temples and plazas which survive to this very day. Some of these strove to establish and perpetuate the Law of One, while others pursued the path of self-aggrandizement and indulgence. The readings reveal a complex story of cultures, values and peoples. Some elements of the readings have since been demonstrated by the fields of genetics, archaeology and linguistics, while other elements reflect what have become hotbeds of contention. A number of details raise questions in areas of study which have yet to be explored.

Tulum east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula
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The final Atlantean destruction was foreknown sufficiently that expeditions to various overseas lands were organized:

The entity was among the Princes of the land that made for the separating of those influences wherein there might be established the journeyings to other lands, with the keepings of records… (Edgar Cayce Reading 1215-4)

Before the final destruction, some ten thousand B.C., many of the inhabitants migrated to adjoining countries. The Inca and Aztec were descendants of the resulting mixtures, as were the American Indians, though a little farther removed from direct descent. (Edgar Cayce Reading 364-6 Report)

The tradition of the Mayan forebears migrating to Atlantis from the east is preserved by Diego de Landa in Relaciòn de las cosas de Yucatán, originally published in the mid-Sixteenth Century:

Some old men of Yucatán say that they heard from their ancestors that this land was settled by people who came from the East, whom God delivered by opening 12 roads for them through the sea.i

According to the readings the means of transportation included balloons and boats:

The entity then was not only one skilled in aircraft and in watercraft, as an aviator and a navigator… (Edgar Cayce Reading 1215-4)

The aircraft were described in the readings:

Much of the nature, in the EARLIER portion, as would be were the hide of MANY of the pachyderm, or elephants, many into the CONTAINERS for the gases that were used as both lifting and for the impelling of the crafts about the various portions of the continent, and even abroad. (Edgar Cayce Reading 364-6)

Other readings corroborate a specific detail of the Hopi origin myth:

Now in the Third World they multiplied in such numbers and advanced so rapidly that they created big cities, countries, a whole civilization. This made it difficult for them to conform to the plan of Creation…they began to use their creative power in another evil and destructive way…some of them made a pátuwvota [shield made of hide] and with their creative power made it fly through the air. ii

From the readings:

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land, before there were the second of the upheavals, when there was the dividing of the islands…The unusual activities that may come with the new developments in air, in water travel, are not new to the entity…for these were the beginning of the developments at that period for the escape. (3004-1)

…entity was one who builded the planes, those activities in air, in water, as directed by the stone from which the forces were generated…as the radio beam in the present… (2795-1)

Tutum emplo Dios del Viento (
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It is clear from these readings that these aircraft were developed just prior to the second upheaval, and were used at least until the final upheaval of Atlantis. This period corresponds precisely to the Third World of Hopi myth.

The readings refer to trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific boat crossings. At the time these readings were given, American archaeologists believed such were impossible. To date no ancient boats, ships or canoes from such remote prehistory have been found, but the circumstantial evidence is increasing. The genetic evidence alone is sufficient to demonstrate humans in the Americas since the last Ice Age, at a time when migration by land was impossible. Once again, the readings anticipated scientific evidence which would only be demonstrated decades after they were given.

John Fuhler Blog 072-013John Fuhler has been involved in the field of alternative medicine for more than 25 years. He received his BA in anthropology from the University of Illinois and studied in Glasgow, Scotland, and Portland, Ore. As an amateur archaeologist, he participated in projects in Ariz., Calif., Hawaii, N.M., and Wis.; reporting discoveries in Ore. and Scotland. His tribal affiliations include: Saxon, Friesian, Bohemian, Irish (O'Meagher clan), and Wyandot. He volunteers his skills with organizations supporting the homeless, forest services, and families. He enjoys reading the bible in Greek and Latin.


i De Landa, D. 2013. Yucatán at the Time of the Spanish Encounter. Nevaer, L.E.V. (trans.) Hispanic Economics, Inc.: Coral Gables, FL. Intriguingly, de Landa perceived the Indians to have been descendants of the Lost Tribes. The readings suggest that the Lost Tribes would come, but not for several thousand years after the final destruction of Atlantis.
ii Waters, F. The Book of the Hopi. 17.